rise and shine

rise and shine

rise and shine by calivintage

despite the fact that i was once a pastry chef and had to wake up every morning at like 5am, i have never ever been a morning person. but ever since we set our clocks back last week, i’ve actually been able to wake up “early.” the sun is high up in the sky and if it’s not overcast and gloomy, then it’s pretty much guaranteed that i’ll be out of bed and buzzing around before 8am. this is an incredible feat for a self-proclaimed night person like myself, and it’s making my morning routine much easier for now. sometimes it’s the little things.

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  1. Indeed! being the “night owl” in my house, mornings can be a bit rough at times.
    Yes, routine is key! I think with the sun shining, fitting into those awesome jeans and a strong coffee- I would be up for the day’s adventures. xoxo

  2. I’ve always been a fan of the time changes. It really does make getting up easier…although I DO enjoy getting up before the sun rises :)

    Those wide leg trousers are AMAZING! I have some vintage ones I need to wear again.

    xoxo Azu

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