flowers and braids

these photos were snapped back at the beginning of december during a stroll through the mountain view cemetery near my house. some weekends are just made for long walks, and it really is the perfect place to visit after meandering through the neighborhood and stopping for a warm cup of coffee. i call this my “mcdonalds sweater” because it’s yellow and red and it makes me think of ketchup and mustard. i love it because it really does look vintage, but it’s a new piece from the lauren moffatt fall 2012 collection. she really does make the dreamiest pieces.

wearing: lauren moffatt sweater and skirt, seychelles sycamore flats, j.crew bag, and ysl rouge pur couture in le rouge

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  1. I laughed for real at the description of the sweater, I name a lot of my clothes too with things that people may not get out of context. Love you hair like that!

  2. Ahh, Erin! It’s been a while – you’re looking as beautiful as ever! I’m diggin’ the longer hair on you + your style is & always will be perfection. Done. Just done.

    Love love love you!

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