dusen dusen fall 2013

during new york fashion week, ellen of dusen dusen held her very first presentation for her fall 2013 collection. the scene was set at a cute art gallery in brooklyn with live music and cool patterns projected against the wall with pretty models lined up in a selection of her clothes. her collection first caught my eye last spring with a certain bug print dress, and i’ve been following this new york-based designer ever since. a graduate of tufts university, she credits some of her early fashion education to repurposing vintage clothes and, at an young age, sponge painting clothes with her mom. while she’s certainly matured a bit from then, i’d like to think that we can still see some of those early influences in her latest collection! there’s certainly a nod to the early ’90s with those fun printed silk dresses and washed denim pieces, with everything coming together with a sophisticated and modern twist that all the cool girls are certain to be wearing this fall.

photographer: gabrielle lurie, stylist: lizzie dolan, makeup artist: christina harper.


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