phone home

the past couple of weeks, we’ve been met with some pretty glorious spring weather here in the bay area. so you’ll have to excuse me, because all i wanna do is prance around in light, gauzy dresses without a care in the world. and these photos are from one such afternoon while strolling about the streets of san francisco admiring all of the pretty pastel houses lined up in perfect rows. these shots were actually taken in front of multiple different homes, all in slightly different shades of pink. a perfect backdrop for taking calls on my banana phone.

wearing: family affairs cafe zoe dress, vintage straw bag, manolo blahnik mary janes, karen walker sunglasses, banana coin purse picked up at a gift shop in hawaii.

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  1. I love these photos! Beautiful dress, awesome location (love coloured walls!), NICE banana phone – plus your hair is that perfect length that I’m currently attempting to grow mine to! xx

  2. SO CAAAAuuuttteee!!
    Where oh where did you get those Karen Walker sunnies from?!?! I cant seem to find them online, are they from an older season??

  3. Adorable banana picture. It reminds me of a photo I did of me talking into a shoe back in 2005.
    Love the outfit too. Glad to hear you are having such lovely weather out there. It has been about 40 degrees here still. . .I think today is going to be warmer though. Hopefully at least 60 degrees.

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