suturno scarves

i don’t know if i’ve ever written about this on my blog before, but i have a bit of an obsession with anything that has a hand motif (exhibit a: my hands pinterest board, exhibit b: my new hand brooches, exhibit c. my vivetta hand collar blouse). the first time i saw one of these images floating around the web, i assumed that it was a vintage photograph and filed it away into one of my many inspiration folders. but lo and behold, these stunning images are of modern scarves created by the design duo julia vergara and javier gutierrez of suturno, a madrid-based label specializing in print design. they make very limited runs of their stunning designs, like this blondell scarf, inspired by the glamour of the 1930s depression era as reflection of our own current economic times. named blondell after an american actress who often took the role of a gold-digger in films of that era, they certainly incorporated a sense of humor that i can appreciate. now if only i could get my hands on one!

images courtesy of suturno.

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