a visit with melissa joy manning

i was recently invited into designer melissa joy manning’s berkeley studio to take a little peek behind-the-scenes of this hand-made and sustainable local jeweler. i’m the type of girl who really only has a few pieces of simple jewelry that i’ve carefully selected with the hopes of wearing for many years to come, and that is exactly what you’ll get at melissa joy manning. her unique pieces are created using recycled metals and sustainably sourced gems, all created by hand in her berkeley and new york studios. i toured her california space and asked her a few interview questions which are up now at refinery29. but i took so many photos, i thought i’d share a few more of them here.

all images photographed by me.

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  1. What an amazing opportunity. I’m always into getting to know, how things are made. Especially things I like, because I am a crafty person and I often make my own jewelry and clothes. Hope I’ll be as lucky as you one day :)

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