i know this is a fashion blog, and over the past five years, i’ve definitely kept it strictly in that place. but if you’re wondering why i’ve been so absent lately, it’s because my outfits haven’t exactly been top of mind lately. my schedule is such that the only time i’m able to snap pictures of what i’m wearing is on the weekends. during the week, i’m working 10 – 6pm, and especially with the end of daylight savings, there is no light left when i get home from work. and while i’m usually pretty happy to spend a few minutes on saturday or sunday to show one of my looks, the past several weekends have been consumed by preparing our new apartment for the arrival of the baby, and the host of house guests that will come with it! we have only been living here for a few months now, and the space is considerably larger than any of our previous apartments, so we’ve been spending a lot of time at flea markets and furniture shops trying to collect everything we need to fill this space.

the trouble is, i’ve never been big on interior design. i mean, i know what i like, but i’ve never really spent much time or energy on home improvements. i’m pretty happy to have a nice place in a nice spot with lots of plants as my main decor. i never think about themes or colors, i just pick things i like when i need them, and do my best to keep the damn space clean! but lately, all i can think about is how to make this place a proper home. perhaps it’s this “nesting instinct” that everyone talks about, but i have been spending countless hours sifting through inspiration trying to imagine what to do with my home.

my aesthetic is still very “bohemian,” for lack of a better word. i like flea market finds and simple mid-century designs. i like a space that feels lived in, and do not dream of having a storybook home like the ones you see in interior design books. and i am obsessed with filling my space with as many plants as possible (which i know might not be ideal for baby, but we’re going to make sure our plants are all non-toxic)! anyway, all of that is to say that i’ve collected a few pretty pictures to share so you can get an idea of where my mind has been lately.

image above via rennes.

a beautiful mess.

a beautiful mess.


ink and spindle.

design sponge.

fat cat brussels.

hello lidy.

apartment therapy.

leah reena goren.



  1. this is great, so many of these pictures is already on my pinterest board for house-inspiration! I’ve followed your blog for years now, and I just think it’s fun if you branch out and blog about your home a bit! Good luck with the home improvements! :)

    1. great minds, haha! it definitely seems fitting since i’ve been so focused on things other than fashion lately. these days i just browse pinterest for hours looking for pretty things to put in my house, so i’m glad to hear that you won’t mind if i change things up a bit!

  2. I for one would love more home decor posts – the images you chose are perfect. It’s all about the ‘lived in’ look for me – I find picture perfect spaces so intimidating, I wan’t somewhere I can relax and unwind. More inspiration please!

  3. This is very nice and modern and I really like looking at these types of pictures for inspiration with my room because I feel that my room is the only place I can change as I am only 14 years old so finding posts about interior design gets my creativiity going again :)

    Beverly |

  4. You’ve given us QUALITY outfit posts FOR YEARS, even daily for a time! We are growing, the blogging industry is changing. I won’t “jump ship” is you’re like “here’s some nice photos of my life” because I like you & your clothes ;)

    these photos are hella dreamy! ahh I want a place like that! I miss dave boohoohoo

    1. aw you’re so sweet. i have just been so deeply ingrained in this tiny niche of mine that it’s crazy uncomfortable for me to think about blogging about anything else. but assuming i have the time, i’m totally gonna share some house/baby stuff. not gonna be a mommy blogger or anything, but i gotta learn how to rethink my content.

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