i know after such a long hiatus that i should be posting baby pictures, but i’m holding off on sharing my story and all of that fun stuff until next week. i’ve mostly been laying on the couch and cuddling my new baby boy, but as soon as i finally found myself back on the internet, this magical little discovery fell on my lap. i really wish storq had been around during my pregnancy! this new san francisco-based online shop was created with the idea of simplifying maternity wear. ¬†and after 9 months of pregnancy and a long recovery time, i can now say that i really appreciate this bare bones concept. dressing my belly was fun at first, but as the months wore on and i found myself in the third trimester, it sort of lost its luster. the last few weeks of pregnancy were spent mostly in pajamas indoors with quick outfit changes for short outings. i literally went on a target run and bought four pairs of leggings to wear around the house. and post-pregnancy, i’m still wearing really simple combos similar to the offerings at storq:¬†plain t-shirts and breton stripe tees, a black jersey pencil skirt from asos, a black pullover dress i picked up at gap, and even leggings (but only around the house). so i got a little giddy when i saw the selection of products on the site! exactly the type of basics that you can layer with your own outerwear and accessories so that you can feel somewhat human (and a fashionable one at that!) as your body goes through the ringer.


  1. Congratulations on your new baby boy! I know we’ve all been anxiously awaiting the news :)

    And yes, it seems like the simpler the better during the last months of pregnancy. I’m definitely finished having little ones, but if storq had been around during my baby belly days, I would have jumped on the chance. Hope you’re getting lots of rest!

  2. Oh my gosh, what a stunning collection! I’ve yet to have children but it’s something my husband and I have been talking more and more about. This is exactly how I would want to dress: comfortable but put together…

  3. Congratulations to Brendan and you! I already had a peek at your sweet baby pictures on instagram, and I’m so glad both mother and baby are healthy! Wishing you a prompt recovery, xox.

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