mom jeans

i suppose this is a rather fitting subject considering that i am now actually a mom. which means that whenever i wear any pair of jeans, they can technically qualify as “mom jeans.” but more specifically, i’m talking about old-school, high-rise, tapered leg denim. i know i’m not the first or last to talk about such a ground-breaking subject (in fact, i just read a pretty funny dissection of #normcore on the cut earlier this week). but whatever, i’ve been hoarding inspiration photos of said jeans for a few years and decided to share some of them since i recently purchased a nice pair of slim-fitting asos farleigh mom jeans¬†that i’ve been wearing almost every day lately. they have a cool retro vibe that hearkens back to the ’90s, which i hear is popular with the kids these days.

i could go on about how it seems silly to call a classic pair of levi’s a “trend.” but it’s silly to even point that out. we’ve all read article after article about things as ground-breaking as bold red lipstick. or how pink is totally “in” this season. and on the subject of jeans, you’ve got your “boyfriend jeans” and your “dad jeans,” why not append another silly label to what is essentially a pair of standard 501s? so excuse me while i go put on my mom jeans. coz i’m a mom now, duh.

image above via street peeper.

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  1. Happy Friday! I can see that mom’s jeans have been very popular recently, I was actually thinking of getting into this type of denim. I like the way they look, I only don’t like that they are not stretch denim, and the fabric is quite thick which makes me feel as if I have put on weight or something :) Have a nice weekend! <3 Zhanna,

  2. I find mom jeans to be hit and miss (on me anyway, with the back pocket placement, or the thigh width), but I agree, you can’t ever go wrong with a good pair of 501s. I’ve had a pretty busted second-hand pair for about 5 years and wanted to get a second one in another wash, but weirdly enough, all the other 501 pairs I’ve found don’t fit me! It’s like the first one was made to be mine, but I can’t have others… Those asos jeans must suit you so well, good choice!

    1. you know what? the same thing happens to me! my brother is super into vintage levi’s and apparently they have slightly changed the cuts of the classic 501s over the years to fit according to what’s most popular at the time. you probably just haven’t found another pair made during that same time frame. but i feel your pain. me and my bro wear the same size, so we pick them up at thrift stores and trade them with each other.

      1. I had no idea, thank you so much for revealing this to me!! I had noticed they had done that with a few other models, but I never thought they’d touch the ‘originals’…

  3. Been wearing jeans like this for years! I prefer a higher waisted jean with a slim leg, like they wore in the 50s. And they’re not always easy to find these days. I really don’t care for the trend of lower and lower hip hugger jeans. They really don’t look flattering on me, or many other gals either! And some jeans just have too much stretch to them. I did find a really nice style at Talbots called their Heritage fit collection. Very classic, sits higher on waist, and a nice slim leg.

  4. hey have you worn the asos mom jeans much? how have they held up? i have two pairs of topshop mom jeans and i really like the cut but the knees have sagged in a major way so now they just look really sloppy. i’m on the look out for a better quality pair!

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