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the weather is hot and it seems like all of my house projects have come to a standstill. over the 4th of july weekend, i started insulating our garage in 100 degree weather. i got about two thirds of the way done (on a 900 sq foot room) with the help of my brother before i decided that i might pass out from heat exhaustion if i stayed out there any longer. i also really want to get a start on clearing out our landscaping so it will be ready for planting in the fall. and i’m dreaming up the blueprint for an attached pergola for our back patio. but i’ve finally decided that with this heat, i need to shift gears and try to focus on indoor projects for another month or so.

so while i daydream about all of the outdoor spaces i want to create for this house, i’ve been making my best effort to work on my interior design. the living room is starting to come together! at first, i was a little daunted by that big blank wall near the entryway, but i took the plunge and opted for a bench and made the coatrack so there would be a place for our hats and shoes and things.


when we first moved to our new place, i almost chucked this ikea shelf that i had in my office. but then i totally realized that it’s pretty much the perfect thing for a toddler’s room. plenty of storage for our millions of baskets, all within reach for little hands. of course i still need to actually hang the artwork, but it still looks kinda cute propped up against all of the furniture.


    1. My thought exactly. It’s lovely, and also very individual and not the usual boring stuff. I like that a lot!

      In the livingroom, you have an open space up to the roof, don’t you? To me, that shouts for a pending lamp of some sort. :)

  1. what a lovely and functional entryway! “a place to hang your hat” as they say. i’ve heard it helps to have a space to keep your go-tos when you’re running out the door/when you first come home. definitely goal of mine! i, at the very least, hang up my keys on a hook near the door so i can find them (cause i have a problem with that…haha)

    but definitely take a load off! you have time and everything will eventually get done! :)

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