the blat: bacon lettuce avocado tomato


yesterday i had a a sudden craving for a blt with avocado. and while i know it’s just an ordinary meal, i couldn’t resist the temptation to document my sammich in all it’s glory, haha. it’s simple, it’s easy, it really doesn’t need a recipe. it’s just what i like to eat for lunch some days, even though i know i should probably skip the bacon… and i usually do. but sometimes nothing satisfies a craving like the real thing.

if you’re curious, we used dave’s killer bread, which is a favorite around our house these days. and i used earth balance mindful mayo.¬†and one little trick is to sprinkle a tiny dash of salt and pepper on both the tomato and the avocado to really help bring out the flavor. nope, not reinventing the wheel, just making lunch on a wednesday afternoon!



    1. haha, i grew up vegetarian and was vegan for about 10 years in my adolescence as well! i don’t go crazy over bacon like some people do, but sometimes it hits the spot. it’s crunchy and salty, so it adds a nice element to a sandwich like this. and yes to dave’s killer bread! it’s whole wheat and organic, but it’s still super soft. and it has a really warm, nutty flavor. yummmm.

  1. It’s barely 9 AM here and I just want a BL”A”T now. (; Is it weird I’ve never had a yellow tomato? I’m not even sure I knew they existed.

    1. not weird at all! it’s an heirloom variety, so they don’t tend to sell them at grocery stores. i was telling someone else in another comment that i am really picky about tomatoes, but i make an exception for yellow tomatoes! they have a slightly more mellow flavor and the texture is almost like butter!

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