halloween candy for grown-ups


i’ll be the first to admit that i’m not actually a very big fan of halloween. i mean, demons and ghosts are cool and all, but i just don’t get into all of the goofy plastic decorations lining the shelves in every store, or worse, the flood of sexist and/or racist costumes that clog my social media feed every year. but i digress…

if there’s one thing i do like about halloween, it’s the candy. so i decided to round-up some grown-up versions of my favorite halloween confections… not to be confused with those big plastic bags of snickers we’ll be handing out to the neighborhood kids!

above: homemade twix by a sue chef

homemade almond butter cups and dark chocolate almond joy that i made last year!

diy sour patch kids by autumn makes & does

homemade tootsie rolls by sprinkle bakes

homemade mallow cups by how sweet it is




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