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calivintage + chasing windmills

even though it’s actually quite sunny today, it feels like it’s been raining nonstop since december. and while it’s still not enough for drought-stricken southern california, it certainly feels like a lot for us! and since we normally don’t get this much rainfall in our area, we don’t necessarily have all of the waterproof gear one might have if you lived in the pacific northwest, so we’ve been spending a lot of time indoors. in our pajamas! i actually shot these photos in november, but they pretty much sum up what our days have been feeling like.

edie and adam are wearing their chasing windmills pajamas made of a superfine merino wool, which is my favorite! adam is in the thermal long johns and edie is wearing the romper. i’m really big on textiles and started my love affair with merino wool back in my days of going on cycling tours. i found that it kept me warm on chilly mornings, but not sweaty or smelly. and even on a hot day, a lightweight merino is way more comfortable than a cotton t-shirt. so of course, i love merino for the kids. i also recently learned that it doesn’t hold a flame or melt at high temperatures like synthetic fabrics, which is ideal for kid’s sleepwear. that means we can avoid flame retardants without feeling like we’re sacrificing safety.

i also recently switched to linen sheets and bedding, which gets softer with each wash and requires less pesticides out in the fields. like wool, it’s one of those fabrics you might not consider outside of a particular season, but it’s really great all year round. i also have a thing for wrinkly sheets, and linen has that perfect rumpled texture. ah, can we just stay in bed all day?

calivintage + chasing windmills
calivintage + chasing windmills

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