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calivintage + sotela co.

at home. for whatever reason, i always forget that i can share photos of me in my natural habitat haha. if i think about it for a minute, i realize that i probably spend a lot more time at home than the average person. i work in the mornings while adam is at school, so you’ll usually find me enjoying my coffee and then getting to work at the computer. after school, it’s the lunchtime routine with adam and edie, then usually a mix of kid time and household stuff. it’s rather unglamorous, but i’d like to think i do it with style. since i spend so much time at home looking at these walls, i spend a good amount of that time planning, arranging, rearranging, trying to make it a pleasant space for me and the kids. there’s always more work to be done (which can be infuriating), but we’ve also come such a long way since we first moved in two years ago.

these photos also give you a better idea of why i dress the way i do. i was talking about comfort in my last outfit post, so here it is! i really like clothes that i can wash and wear a million times, that i can wear on a run to the hardware store and then pop in to the coffee shop for an afternoon date and still feel pulled together. and of course, that i can roll around in while playing with the kids.

and two new additions that are working perfectly in my wardrobe are these lyla crop tanks in sand and royal blue from sotela. they’re simple, but cute. and perfect for the really hot summer days we have ahead of us. they are made in los angeles out of 100% linen, which you know is my favorite thing. the brand was started by designer hanna baror-padilla who had always dreamed of starting a sustainable clothing line using locally produced eco-friendly fabrics. not only that, but she understands how frustrating it can be to find clothes that fit properly, so she’s designed all of her clothing with ease and comfort in mind. clothes that really move and breathe with you so that you can still wear them even as your body changes through weight gain, loss, pregnancy, illness. it’s a really thoughtful ethos that i think most of us can really appreciate. i know i certainly do!

sotela co. lyla crop in sand
jesse kamm sailor pants in tobacco

sotela co. lyla crop in royal blue
vintage cotton gauze pants
maryam nassir zadeh palma low heels

the patio set is from ikea and if you’re interested in details on my dining room, i have links to everything in this post.

calivintage + sotela co.
calivintage + sotela co.
calivintage + sotela co.
calivintage + sotela co.


    1. thanks! yeah, plants make a huge difference and are relatively inexpensive which is why i love them. makes a big impact, but way less pricey than trying to buy decor items haha. plus the kids can water them for me, which is even nicer!

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