ollie ella baskets

i often say that around our house, we never seem to have enough baskets. adam goes to a montessori school, so we try to model some of that at home, which usually requires a ridiculous amount of baskets. the nice part is that all of his toys and activities look so cute all lined up on the shelves in little baskets. it’s the perfect storage solution!

this also means that i’m always picking up more and more baskets because you never know when you’ll need more! needless to say, i got pretty excited when i learned about olli ella! in particular, their new kids baskets, which are pretty much the cutest thing ever, regardless of whether or not you do the whole montessori thing. they have a cute wheeled luggy basket that comes in a number of different colors in both kids and adult sizes. then there’s the adorable piki picnic basket, which i think we might need to use as adam’s lunch box! and their latest, the minichari bag, a little handbag that doubles as a bike basket!

not only that, but they have tons of other baskets on the site, for adults and for around the home. so you really should go check it out!


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