outfit: puff sleeve summer

wearing my summer uniform today courtesy of one of my favorite online vintage shops, rawson. or if you’re lucky enough to be in chicago, you can visit their brick & mortar. they have a ton of vintage blouses just like this one and i kinda want one for every day of the week? i remember back when i was in high school and early college, my friends and i would do “sleeveless summers.” meaning we’d cut the sleeves off all of our t-shirts. well, now i’m declaring it a “puff sleeve summer.” and rawson is providing the goods.

in other news, i seriously need a haircut. i feel like i’ve been even more camera shy than usual because i’ve been growing out a botched cut i got earlier this year. and i just know it’s the universe punishing me for cheating on my hairdresser for the first time in 10 years! so it’s just been one long agonizing¬†awkward growing-out phase. i’ve been using bobby pins to hide¬†it, or else pulling it back into a tiny ponytail and wearing a hat. if you live in the los angeles area, go see shannon at refuge salon in highland park. he won’t do you wrong.

vintage blouse courtesy of rawson
jesse kamm sailor pants in american denim
mari giudicelli leblon mules
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal



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