the bedroom


since moving into our new place in redlands, i’ve been really eager to start sharing some of the progress we’ve made in decorating our new space. there have been a few kinks in the road, but the good news is that we’ve finally got some painters coming in this weekend to start the process! the girl who used to live here got a little color happy with the walls. all of the paint is high gloss and features such fun colors as a bold, dark maroon in the living room, a bright cornflower blue in the kitchen, and probably the most offensive: black and metallic gold in the bathroom! i’m sure she had it quite nice in here, but the whole thing is painfully wrong for my own decor. i know it’s just paint, but i kid you not, sometimes i close my eyes and imagine the walls painted a nice, soft white and it calms me. i know i’ll breathe a sigh of relief once i have my nice blank canvas to work with.

most of the rooms in the house still need a lot of work, but for whatever reason, i’m actually finding the most forgotten room to be the least intimidating and most exciting project: my bedroom. in the past, i’ve always sort of left it bare, a big bed in the middle with clothes piled around and hanging on racks. if the house is messy and people are coming over, i grab everything and dump it into my bedroom and close the door. but lately i’ve been seeing this room as more important, a safe haven away from all the outside noise. a place where i can go to nurse adam to sleep while we nap together in the afternoon. a place where i can lay down and read a book and de-stress. i imagine myself swathed in comfy blankets with pretty things around me, waking up to the morning light filtered through the curtains.

so of course, i’ve been stalking pinterest for bedroom inspiration and hoarding pins in a private board. i’ve been going out to thrift and antique shops on the hunt for furniture, pottery, decor. and so far, i’ve had a lot of luck. i found a beautiful woven wall hanging at the thrift store a few weeks back, and i hand-dyed a pretty quilt with natural indigo. my little space is really starting to come together, and i hope to share some pictures of the process very soon. but in the meantime, here are some pictures that have been providing me with inspiration.

above: kara rosenlund.

julia kostreva.

caroline z hurley.

in bed.

my scandinavian home.

urban outfitters.

sincerely, kinsey.

claire a miller.


sf girl by bay.

ikea sweden.


since having adam, i’ve spent a lot of time at home. i’m on an extended leave from work so i can take care of him, and it’s the first time that i’ve spent so much time in the house in the past three-and-a-half years since starting my day job. the first couple of months were spent recovering and just soaking up all of that wonderful newborn magic. i didn’t really get bored or anxious because i was so wrapped up in baby world. i still am for the most part, but lately i’ve gotten a serious crafting itch.

growing up, i was constantly surrounded by arts and crafts projects. my mom was always working on various projects and setting me up with things to do of my own. cross-stitch, crochet, sewing, painting, weaving, rug hooking, you name it. i learned to be patient, sitting at the kitchen table or on the couch with a tedious little project in hand. my mom always nearby to help me if i got stuck. so perhaps having a baby has awoken some long dormant nostalgia for those days spent with my mom. i scroll through pinterest and find myself interested in picking up all of those old hobbies, something to do with my hands between baby naps and walks around the neighborhood.

i already finished my first sewing project last week, and i’ve been hankering to make a trip downtown to the garment district to pick up some fancy new fabrics like raw silk and linen to make a few simple tops and things. now i just have to reign it in or else i’m going to end up with an explosion of unfinished projects piling up around me!

above: photo by jennifer causey

the purl bee.

susan jameson.


the purl bee. can i get away with sewing a baby bonnet for adam? i’m thinking chambray could work.

a pair & a spare.

the etsy blog.


i know this is a fashion blog, and over the past five years, i’ve definitely kept it strictly in that place. but if you’re wondering why i’ve been so absent lately, it’s because my outfits haven’t exactly been top of mind lately. my schedule is such that the only time i’m able to snap pictures of what i’m wearing is on the weekends. during the week, i’m working 10 – 6pm, and especially with the end of daylight savings, there is no light left when i get home from work. and while i’m usually pretty happy to spend a few minutes on saturday or sunday to show one of my looks, the past several weekends have been consumed by preparing our new apartment for the arrival of the baby, and the host of house guests that will come with it! we have only been living here for a few months now, and the space is considerably larger than any of our previous apartments, so we’ve been spending a lot of time at flea markets and furniture shops trying to collect everything we need to fill this space.

the trouble is, i’ve never been big on interior design. i mean, i know what i like, but i’ve never really spent much time or energy on home improvements. i’m pretty happy to have a nice place in a nice spot with lots of plants as my main decor. i never think about themes or colors, i just pick things i like when i need them, and do my best to keep the damn space clean! but lately, all i can think about is how to make this place a proper home. perhaps it’s this “nesting instinct” that everyone talks about, but i have been spending countless hours sifting through inspiration trying to imagine what to do with my home.

my aesthetic is still very “bohemian,” for lack of a better word. i like flea market finds and simple mid-century designs. i like a space that feels lived in, and do not dream of having a storybook home like the ones you see in interior design books. and i am obsessed with filling my space with as many plants as possible (which i know might not be ideal for baby, but we’re going to make sure our plants are all non-toxic)! anyway, all of that is to say that i’ve collected a few pretty pictures to share so you can get an idea of where my mind has been lately.

image above via rennes.

a beautiful mess.

a beautiful mess.


ink and spindle.

design sponge.

fat cat brussels.

hello lidy.

apartment therapy.

leah reena goren.