adam: 11 weeks


i’ve decided to try and play catch up on my adam posts, so i hope you don’t mind too much if i double-up on these for the next couple of weeks! as you can see, i’m a little obsessed with osh kosh b’gosh. these photos were taken a week after my last post, but the outfit is almost the same and the baby is a tiny bit bigger!

wearing: carter’s onesie and cardigan, oshkosh overalls, and pixie bonnet from zoik on etsy


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adam: 10 weeks

i think i snapped this photo the day this silly little pixie bonnet arrived in the mail. my family teased that it was too girly, but i don’t care. it’s the cutest thing ever! anyway, when they’re this little, they’re not really boys or girls, they’re just babies!

wearing: a carter’s onesie, green oshkosh overalls, and pixie bonnet from zoik on etsy

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adam: week 9

when adam was nine weeks old, my brother came to stay with us for the week to help me out while brendan worked long days. it was so nice to have someone helping out that i ended up taking photos every single day. isn’t it such a wonderful problem when you have too many pictures to sort through?

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happy easter!


had to stop in on a sunday to share some photos of these adorable japanese vintage blue velvet bunny slippers my mom found for adam. they couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion!


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adam: week 8

this is one of my favorite shots of adam, captured on a rare rainy day in los angeles  (which, of course, meant we took the opportunity to dress him up in his teeny tiny rain slicker). around 7-8 weeks is when he became much more expressive, with lots of social smiling and other silly faces. i just couldn’t get over that little wrinkled nose!

also, if you aren’t already following me on instagram, i post a ton of photos of adam that i don’t share anywhere else. i try to post his outfits once or twice a week. here’s a better look at this outfit, complete with baby old skool vans!

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adam: week 7

from a visit with his great-grandparents. now that we live in los angeles, i’m only an hour away from my family for the first time in thirteen years. we’re pretty tight knit, so it has always been hard for me to be away. and it’s a huge part of why i moved back to southern california when i found out i was expecting. i’m so happy that we can just drive out whenever we feel like it and hang around with family for a day or two. and they’re all so excited about adam, it usually feels like a big party when we go over, and everyone takes turns passing him around. he’s one lucky little dude!

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adam: week 6

i snapped these photos on valentine’s day, so i’m kinda fudging the numbers just a tad. this would have been the first day of his sixth week, but i just couldn’t resist showing him in his darling little gold angel wing footie that we received as a gift from marie-chantal. i remember that day, i kept trying so hard to get him to pose for me, but he just wasn’t having it. i had to wait until my little cupid was asleep on the job before i could finally get a photo.

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want: mini boheme lion pillow

i know i haven’t shared any photos of the nursery just yet, but i’m still not quite finished with the decor! there’s a very loose color scheme (lots of mustard yellow and pale aqua blue), and while i didn’t necessarily plan it, i found myself attracted to cute little jungle animals when i started collecting pieces. in particular, i find myself really drawn to round elephants and cheerful little lions. who knew?

so of course, this darling handmade lion pillow by mini boheme immediately caught my eye. doesn’t he just look so perfectly vintage? you can even order it with a name hand-embroidered to the back. i think i just might need him as a finishing touch!

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adam: week 5

watching adam talk to his giraffe melted my heart into a big old sappy puddle. so glad i wasn’t too bleary-eyed to document this moment.

and if you’re curious, the onesie is by j.crew, the socks are mini boden, and the giraffe is by cloud-b and it makes white noise, which is so helpful when you have a newborn!

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feltman brothers baby clothes (and a giveaway!)

being a fan of vintage clothing, i’ve spent my fair share of time scouring thrift and vintage shops on the hunt for cool vintage baby clothes. i’ve found some good stuff, but vintage duds for little ones aren’t always super easy to come by. so when i discovered feltman brothers, i almost fell out of my chair in excitement. everything about this nearly 100-year-old brand looks as though it has been untouched by time. every little detail looks like it came right out of a vintage catalog, from the hangers and packaging to the little tags inside the collars! and of course, every delicate little piece has lovely smocking or pleating with lace or embroidered details. i’m sharing only a few favorites, but they have a massive selection including knitwear and all sorts of cute accessories as well.

i’m particularly excited about up their upcoming spring 2014 collection which you can preview on their facebook page. the selection isn’t available yet, but you will die when you see the cute little sailor sets and teeny tanks tops with diaper covers. i can’t even.

feltman brothers has also let me know that they’re currently hosting a giveaway! enter to win a $100 gift card, a feltman brothers plush toy, and one accessory of your choice using the widget below:

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