clare v. spring 2016


when it comes to handbags, clare v is definitely one of my favorite designers. every season, she comes out with a fresh crop of minimal handbags that are never short on style. for spring, she introduced plenty of her signature french-inspiration alongside mini versions of some of her classic handbags, along with a good dose of fun prints and interesting textures. my favorite is probably the round sisal alice bag. it seems like the perfect upgrade from my smaller round canteen bags and simple sisal totes from seasons past. and i am always smitten by the fun designs on her simple flat clutches.


clare v. fall 2014

after getting my first clare vivier bag earlier this year (the messenger tote, which i coveted for years before finally purchasing), i can’t seem to get enough of this l.a.-based designer. so it’s really no surprise that i went all gaga over the fall 2014 lookbook, which they’ve been uploading onto pinterest over the past couple of weeks. i love all of her stand-by classics in a wide array of colorways in addition to the fun printed clutches and totes. there’s an elegant ease to her designs, and i like that she doesn’t feel the need to go overboard with logos and hardware like many handbags companies do. that coupled with the very cool styling and beautiful photography, and i’m sold!

photography by stella berkofsky for clare v.

wren x clare vivier

wren x clare vivier

i’ve long been a fan of both wren and clare vivier, so when i received a little peek at the new collaboration between the two, i just had to share! they designed this lovely french market-inspired tote using the ever-popular celestrial print from wren’s spring 2012 collection and vegetable-tanned leather for this classy reversible tote. bonus points for being locally made in los angeles using remnants from wren production! it’s like the grown-up version of the million and one canvas totes i have stockpiled in my apartment. in celestial print! the bag is available now at both wren and clare vivier.

photos by jeahna sohn.

wren x clare vivier
wren x clare vivier
wren x clare vivier