giveaway: win a pair of glasses (or sunglasses) from bonlook!


enter to win a pair of glasses (or sunglasses) from bonlook!

you may remember a couple of months back, i offered a giveaway to win a pair of glasses from my sponsor, bonlook! well, it went over so well, that we decided to offer you another opportunity to win a pair! if you aren’t familiar with bonlook, they’re a fashion and vision boutique offering prescription glasses with lenses made in the usa at a fair price for all. all of their glasses come with anti-reflective, uv, and scratch-resistant protections and they cost only $99! and as you can see from the selection above, they have some seriously stylish frames!

to enter:

  • visit bonlook and tell me which style is your absolute favorite in the comment section on this page!
  • then “like” bonlook on facebook to stay up to date on exclusive discounts and more!

this contest is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. in order to qualify for the drawing, please leave your comment here on! winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email on tuesday, july 5. winner will receive your choice of frames, with your choice of standard prescription lenses, clear lenses, or tinted lenses.

like what you see? bonlook would also like to offer you $20 off your order now through july 8! simply enter the code “CALI20″ at checkout!



  1. hi there! it is no lie that i need eyeglasses….i have been eyeing the “dandy urban” frames in tortoise for a few months now. i would gladly love to give them a home :)

  2. Ahh I need a new pair of glasses so badly!! Crossing all my fingers and toes for this one! I’d have to go with the Smoking Hot in Tortoise.

    sartorialscientist [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. Wow I’d never heard of Bonlook but the frames on this site are incredible I love them!! I think Barbarella in Brown & Gold are my faves, but I love loads of the frames.

  4. I absolutely LOVE the Urban Dandy Sun (sunglasses) in the Tortoise! I have been dreaming about them. Would love to proudly where them!

  5. I haven’t ever been able to choose which ones I like, having looked at their site about 100 times this last month.! However right now this second, its the Drink the Kool-Aid Tortoise :)

  6. I can’t believe how affordable and chic these frames are- I’m in love! (I think I forked over $400 for my last pair of glasses!) Tough call, but I would go for the couture tortoise frames!

  7. Wow, this is so awesome! This is where my next pair of frames will come from. And they would be the Simply Fabulous Havana! Love it.

  8. Thanks for another chance to win one of these Erin :)
    I have liked Bonlook on FB.
    I really love the cocktail hour tortoise glasses!

    *crossing my fingers!*

  9. i love the Jungle Chic in Tortise and the Urban Dandy in Tortise. Thanks for sharing this website! i’m definitely going to be getting my next pair of glasses from here.

  10. I’d definitely go for the purple Midnight Kiss, though any other color will do me just fine.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  11. Oh, I’m desperate for a new pair of sunglasses! Mine have gone MIA. So sad.

    I like BonLook on Facebook and LOVE the Smooth Criminal in Natural… they’re amazing.

  12. I absolutely ADORE the Urban Dandy Sun – Tortoise, they’re in fashion, shape wise, and as not many sunglasses suit my face shape, this type is perfect. The tortoise colour is great for the summer, for a retro yet classy look. I LOVE them.

  13. I’ve been saving up for a new pair of glasses! I love all of them, but I think my favorites are the Hooverville in brown.

  14. I love the tortoise john lennon looking glasses . Tres fab! I’d love to sport them on my visage ^V^ When everyone compliments them I’ll tell them to check out calivintage! LIKE THEM ON FACEBOOK, FOLLOW THEM ON TUMBLR! <3 Pick me (: I LOVE YOU ALL (:

  15. I think my fabourite has to be ‘Beetlejuice’ in Grey for me It totally suits my grandma chic aesthetic and is large enough to suit my lovely horseface teehee!
    (thanks for this opportunity!)

  16. Im in love with the catwalk sunglasses so much!Its classy and vintage!A perfect combo!I’ve been trying to find that for ages!I love love love it!I can’t express myself if I get one of those and plus my 1950s style icons has those!

  17. Ooooh I’ve been considering buying a pair for ages!
    I love the Smoking Hot glasses in Tortoise.-To die for.
    Good luck to everyone and fingers crossed for me hahaha ^^

  18. I am so in loveeee with the whole C’est la vie collection that I can’t even choose which color I like best. The name is even relevant to my life because I’m going to live in Paris for a couple months starting August! Great glasses, guys :)

  19. Loving the brown hoovervilles! I’ve been looking for some glasses in the style for forever! I had a pair that are similar in red, but they were discontinued :[

  20. I like these frames! I liked the page on facebook, and my favourite ones are the solid-black round rimmed ones. Please enter me in the drawing for the free giveaway :)

  21. I liked on FB, and my favorite pair is “simply fabulous” in brown–“tried them on” via webcam & I love ’em!
    xoxo Charity

  22. Calivintage, I completely love the Happy Tuesday eye glasses in beige!!!! They’d be so versatile for everyday wear with a chic edge. I’m generally classic with a huge vintage flare, and that’s what these glasses are to me! Plus, ya gotta help a girl out who has a little less than perfect vision! It’s a tough world out there for the nearsighted. :)

    PS-I totally adore your blog!

  23. I love the J’Adore in black!
    Thank you so much for having this giveaway again! I need some new glasses and it’s so hard to find cute vintage glasses nowadays.

  24. I tried on a pair of glasses just like the simply fabulous frame and fell completely in love with them! sadly, I’m not due a new pair of specs for another year, so if I was lucky, that frame in brown would definitely be my eye-candy of choice :)

  25. oh man, i love these glasses. I especially like the j’adore in gold. i think they’d add some delicate pizazz to my face!

  26. Creme Caramel Golds are lovely. I can totally see myself with these glasses on, plus I desperately need a new pair. I’ve been blind since my last pair broke. :(

  27. I am absolutely in love with the “Smoking Hot” in tortoise! I have been looking for a durable (but chic) acetate frame for quite some time, and the shape of these glasses is spot on with what I have been searching for. I especially love the rich tortoise shell color, it gives the glasses a very sophisticated look.

  28. Great giveaway! and lord knows I need an extra pair of glasses, I run through them like water. I liked the on facebook. I’m in love with Urban Dandy in Tortoise. I’ve never had a pair of glasses this shape, so this will be an experiment, but they’re too cool to pass up! fingers crossed that I win…

  29. those cocktail hour in tortoise are fantastic and i would love to make the wordl crystal clear looking through them everyday.

  30. Oh gosh, how can you choose?? I have always wanted a tortoise pair and the jungle chic ones are looking real good…

  31. I wear eyeglasses so my choice will be a pair of sunglasses now… And a pair of Urban Dandy Sun on black would be perfect ;) Thanks!

  32. Yay, another shot! Eyewear is so expensive (isn’t it bad enough that we can’t see anything to begin with, now we have to pay all this money to bee able to see normally?! no fair.) The Jungle Chic Havana & Purple are my absolute favorite – they’re timeless, quirky, and fun. The colors would look great with my hair and skintone, plus fit my wardrobe too!

    I “like” Bonlook’s Facebook page under the name Melissa Marie.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  33. It’s simply impossible to choose! I really dig the Avant-Garde in purple & clear because it’s so unlike anything I own… and I own a lot of glasses! :)

  34. CREME CARAMEL GOLD would have to be my favorite! They remind me of delicious cafe du leche! Perfect for a cozy coffee shop morning of studying.

  35. Cocktail Hour in Black and Tortoise. Could they be anymore perfect?! It was so hard to choose. Love them all! Good luck everyone. :)

  36. After uploading my pic, i’m totally in love with j’adore! I have my fingers crossed for this drawing but if not, maybe it will be successful enough to run again in August when school starts….

  37. I am so glad that i saw your site on BlueBird Vintage and it’s my lucky day that i stumble into this great giveaway! I have been looking around for the perfect glasses and i found them! I would feel so lucky to win the Smoking Hot – black and tortoise glasses!

  38. I absolutely adore the Ménage à 3 Brown pair. I would never take them off! (I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can… so I can…)

    I collect vintage-looking shades. These would suit my collection very well!

  39. I love love love the simply fabulous frames in brown. Round with a soft cat-eye? So wonderful. Thank you, Erin + Bonlook!!!

  40. Oh I’d absolutely love these! I love the Urban Daddy in Tortoise or the Menage a trois in brown :) so classic!

  41. I love their stuff! I already have an awesome pair of glasses from them but could always use another! I really like the Genna Black and Lavander. Great great great great stuff.

  42. Morning wood, for sure! Not only does it have a great name (yes, I still am a little kid at heart), but I’m loving the shape and the look of the wood.

  43. i absolutely love the urban dandy in tortoise! thanks for this fabulous giveaway and for showing me this website! regardless of if I win some, my next glasses will be from here!

  44. I really love the WEEK-END @ BERNIE’S – TORTOISE glasses!! They’re absolutely stylish and completely sophisticated. I’ve been actually looking for the perfect round frame, like these. I LOVE IT :D

  45. I am in love with the Happy Tuesday frames in Beige. I’m positive that beige frames are the hottest new thing in glasses and would love to own a pair. They are so different from any of the glasses that I currently own – I love it!

    Fanned on facebook – ktkatherine

  46. I’m kind of obsessed with the Smoking Hot Havana. They are too cute and I’m in desperate need of new glasses!

  47. This give away is so great! No one can have too many sunglasses! I looked at BonLook and I think my favourite pair are the “Smooth Criminal” model in Natural.

  48. I pretty much like a lot of them, but the Good Morning Fellows in both Tortoise and Burgundy are excellent and have a great shape!

  49. hi, my biggest wish is the jungle chic tortoise. its amazing. and anyway my birthday was on 23th of June and my glasses are crashed and cant repair the optician (1 in farsighted). so this is the main reason why i wish this for me.

  50. i fell kinda hardcore for the urban daddy’s in tortoise and would really, really, really like to win them … err … wear them (if i win them) please and thank you.

  51. Golly, I’ve wished I needed glasses since I was teensy, and finally, I might give in and go for some fakesies. I love the Tortoise Harrys!



  53. I’m in love with the ‘avant garde’ in khaki/clear and the ‘beetlejuice’! I’ve had glasses for 12 years now, so it’d be sweet if I could score a free pair!

  54. I LOVE the Creme Caramel frames!! Absolutely beautiful and the name reminds me of creme de la creme a la Edgar from the Aristocats :)

  55. I simply love the Avant Garde, purple and clear. But I’ve been looking for that style in sunglasses with prescription, but I guess that would defeat the purpose of the open bottom. But either way they’re beautiful. Anyways I liked you page when I really actually love them. ;)

  56. I can’t ‘like’ them on Facebook because I’m in Vietnam where fb is banned, can I still enter? Discount my comment if not. My faves would have to be the Catwalk in Black, so chic!

  57. What a great give away! One for us visually challenged :) I lovethe Petite Bourgeoisie
    Havana & Black and you know why…’cause they say in the description: ‘will fit bigger heads’ – that is me to a T.

  58. The Jungle-Chic Green look fantastic! I can’t find good not-over-priced eyeglasses anywhere! This would be a godsend :) Totally match my khaki outfit aswell.

  59. Oh yeah…
    I am in desperate need of some new frames…
    Those Urban Dandy Tortoise from are so nice.
    Hope you guys even give Europeans a break.

    Calivintage in Amsterdam how cool is that

  60. I love them all! I don’t know if it’s a good thing that I know on Bonlook’s existence because I may just have to purchase at least 3 different frames! My favourite though, is the Hooverville in Burgundy. Very chic!

  61. The couture in tortoise or the urban dandy in black would be perfect – I’ve been needing a new pair of glasses!

  62. As somebody who has never gotten their eyeglasses anywhere but Cosco, this was virtually the most amazing discovery of my glasses-wearing life! I must say that my absolute favorite pair is the red and tortoise Barbella.

    I liked them on facebook. Next time my glasses break, I am definitely going for a pair of these!

  63. Wow, these are some gorgeous glasses – I think I’m in love. Liking on Facebook = complete. My favorite pair has to be Simply Fabulous in Havana. Stunners.

  64. Impemena is by far my favorite in the sunglasses department, and I think I could even go for those as eye glasses as well. I just think they are that amazing.

  65. The Urban Dandy sunglasses in Tortoise are just lovely.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity! I’m definitely liking them on FB to keep up with sales. These glasses are fabulous.

  66. OMG and I was just thinking about getting new sunglasses!!! Its a tough decision, but I would have to pick the “Drink the Cool Aid” in Gold. Or maybe Tortoiseshell. Pick me pick me!

  67. I used to have a pair that looked exactly like the Burgundy Hoovervilles! I’ve been looking to find a pair like them for ages.

  68. My first giveaway entry – how exciting! I’m in love with the Jungle Chic – Tortoise eyeglasses. So adorable. Thanks for the opportunity!

  69. I love x 3 the Menage a 3 in natural wood! I can’t get over these wood glasses. Gah!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. eeeeeeeep! i JUST finally updated my glasses and got some cool new frames, but i am so upset that i didn’t know about bonlook before! either way, a girl can never have too many pairs of glasses :) my faves are the ‘drink the kool-aid’ in tortoise :)

  71. I’m blind as a bat because my current glasses are naff and I refuse to wear them. Simply Fabulous in Havana would rectify this!


  72. I liked them on facebook, and I am loving so many… so hard to chose! I am loving the drink the kool-aid, its sounds so weird to say that!

  73. After spending waaay too much time having fun with their Try It On feature, I’d have to go with the Week-end @ Bernie’s in Tortoise! Though the bamboo glasses are super charming and chic, it rains too much in my city, haha!

  74. Hooverville – brown. For sure! I have been looking for some new frames as I have had mine for over 10 years and they’re pretty dated!

    Thanks for a great giveaway – fingers crossed !!!

  75. Love the fact that you do so many fun giveaways, my favourite specs are the ‘Good Morning Fellows’ in burgandy, they are lovely and quite sophisticated- may even encourage me to wear my glasses as often as I should be!

  76. I just love the j’adore glasses in black, and I am literally as blind as a bat, and would most certainly welcome a new pair, to give my current pair a well needed break!

  77. I’ve never had a pair of wooden sunglasses. They look so awesome.
    I’m torn between the Menage A 3 in turquoise or brown….
    Definitely turquoise. :D

  78. I adore Jungle Chic in Havana and Purple. They are quirky and fun, with a subtle stunning quality. They are simply fabulous!

  79. Hello. I am in desperate need of new prescription glasses. Mine are literally falling apart. I have my eye on the jungle chic frames in the tortoise collection. They are beautiful, and my eyes would very much appreciate their company.

  80. I would wear almost all of them, but definitely, 5 0’clock tea Havana are the best for me. The mix between plastic and metal can’t make it better. They would look perfect on me =). I would take them on tour through whole Barcelona.

  81. Well I must say, I love all of the frames because I’m an eye-wear addict. But I am feeling quite partial to the Barbarella frames in brown & gold, as well as the Tom frames in brown. So divine!

  82. Totally diggin the Menage a 3’s in natural, and the Midnight Kiss shades in red or black, as well as the Morning Wood shades in both colors,

  83. Drink the Kool-Aid Tortoise, <3 <3. I would do anything for a pair. . . They're absolutely spectacular, just what I need for my trip to Peru.

  84. would love the URBAN DANDY TORTOISE for women. already found like four or five pairs that i would loveee to be able to have, just to switch things up a bit.

  85. Hello there, I’m in dire need of a new pair of glasses! Hooverville in Burgundy are the frames I’ve been eyeing for awhile. Thanks for the offer and I’m crossing my fingers!

  86. I really am in love with the ‘Smooth Criminal’ shades in black. They have a certain boldness that i love to see in a pair of sunglasses.

  87. I love the Hooverville frames! They’re just so stylish and fresh, I love the color as well the burgundy would really bring out the brown in my eyes :3

  88. This was so hard (and I desperately need new frames); I’ve been trying to narrow down their amazing collection for quite awhile now! I think the Smoking Hot in black and tortoise is my favorite of the moment! Thanks so much!

    They are different and natural. I haven’t seen them anywhere else before.
    Please send me a pair, I will wear them in Berlin and post on my blog!

    Thanks a bunch!
    / Greetings from Berlin /

  90. erm, this is such a hard pick! Bonlook has way too many cute glasses.

    I’d have to say that my favorite frames are the J’adore glasses in gold!

  91. oh man, the 5 o’ clock tea glasses are the bees knees! Too bad they’re all sold out :( My favorite pair of eyes broke recently too! I also love the Simply fabulous in brown :D

  92. I really like the SIMPLY FABULOUS
    TORTOISE and the J’ADORE
    BLACK eyeglasses! I’ve already liked their page! super giveaway!!

  93. Cocktail Hour…. tortoise I think!
    Yes, the tortoise ones. They are rather lovely!

    I have a terrible lens scratching problem. My current glasses are so scratched it looks like the world is eternally submerged in mist..


  94. I love the Simply Fabulous Brown & the Rendez-Vous Red— both would be a lovely addition to my terrible eyesight!

  95. Am in desperate need of new glasses and sunnies but there’s way too many lovelies to choose from! Esp love the Smoking Hot in Black & Tortoise and Aya xx

  96. Hello! This is so wonderful because today is my birthday and there is no doubt that the Urban Dandy sunnies in tortoise are perfect!

  97. happy tuesday’s beige rectangle plastic eyeglasses = the coolest pair not toooo trendy & go w. absolutely any color !

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