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another one of my stops during nyfw in september was at the steven alan showroom to meet with catherine chen and haley boyd, the designers and creators of the shoe company, marais usa. in addition to checking out the shoes available now for fall 2011, i got the chance to take a peek at the upcoming spring 2012 collection! as excited as i am about the spring shoes, i have to wait just a little bit longer to share the photos i took. so in the meantime, i thought i would share their fall 2011 lookbook with you. the photos are so stunning! something about the grainy film quality and the casual poses just feels to intimate and personal. but art direction aside, the shoes are perfectly adorable! and when chatting with the girls, they pointed out that they keep all of their prices below $165, and in most case, under $100. win!

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  1. Ahhh! SO NICE! I can’t wait to see your photos. :) Just ordered a pair of shoes on sale last week. They’re still in the progress of coming here in Southern California! Seeing these photos from the lookbook made me wish I ordered more than a pair. :(

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