outfit: school girl

calivintage: school girl

remember the other day when i was dreaming about laying around the house in my pajamas, drinking hot cocoa, and taking naps? well, i finally got some well-needed rest both on thanksgiving day itself, and this past weekend. while the rest of the world was out shopping, i was taking it easy. this is not to say that i did nothing, but it was nice to chill out without any particular plans or obligations. on saturday, i was still craving mashed potatoes, so me and the boy took a little stroll to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for a shepherd’s pie, which we promptly enjoyed with a glass of wine watching television on the couch.

as far as getting dressed was concerned, i decided to continue on with my fall color palette and pulled out this old vintage skirt from the depths of my closet. the wide pleats and front pockets were giving me some serious schoolgirl vibes, so i decided to run with it and add a button-up shirt, my new toggle coat, and over the knee socks. it made me feel like a 1960s school girl on the set of some creepy horror film.

coat: tulle toggle coat c/o lulu’s
top: thrifted vintage silk blouse
skirt: vintage pleated skirt
socks: ribbed otk c/o tabbisocks
shoes: vintage oxfords
tote: family affairs

calivintage: school girl

calivintage: school girl
calivintage: school girl


    1. haha, me and rebecca have a knack for picking out a lot of the same clothes! every once in a while i will email her to say i’m excited about ordering some new dress, only to get a reply from her that she’s ordered the same thing! even on the same day! but i do like that we both always style things differently. i agree that it’s nice to see an array of options for how to wear things!

    1. i know! i can’t decide if i should cut it, or have some fun trying a longer length. it’s been so long since i’ve had long hair that i miiiiight try it out. but i’ve always been a short-haired girl so we’ll see if i can wait it out!

  1. How do you like those thigh highs? Do they stay up/are they comfy? I’m looking for a good pair to start investing in, because all of mine in the past are either too awkwardly tight on my legs or they get too loose and slip down. Those look like they fit pretty well… just curious. : )

    1. they’re actually pretty solid. i haven’t worn them a ton, so it’s possible that they will stretch out too much, but so far so good. they didn’t slip down at all while i was jumping around like a dork in these photos, haha!

  2. Pretty freaking awesome. That skirt is amazing and what a darling little tote bag! I’ve been hooked on totes since I got my Fieldguided one which is getting a bit busted from so much use. This looks like an awesome replacement!

  3. This outfit is wonderful! I just love the color of your skirt and the cute pleats on it. That jacket is so classic and awesome with it. The knee socks are a really cute touch too. I can’t get enough of schoolgirl-type looks.

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