des enfantillages


even though today is only the last day of september, it really is that time of year when we’re switching gears and preparing for the holiday season. i always let it creep up on me, but with two babies to tend after, it’s become very important for me to prepare well in advance if i want to accomplish even half of the things on my to-do list for the holidays. that means i already have their halloween costumes picked out and almost complete, and i’m already thinking ahead to christmas gifts and birthday parties (adam’s birthday is at the very beginning of january, i can’t forget)! this year, we seem to have lots more babies and small children around us than in years past, so i’ve been on the hunt for nice gifts. which is how i came across the montreal-based children’s brand, des enfantillages. they make the most simple and charming little toys for children that i have come across in a while.

as i’ve mentioned before, we practice the montessori method both at school and at home for the kids. if you search around online, you’ll notice that a lot of the toys are very plain and simple. part of the ideology is that you don’t want things that are overly stimulating or distracting while they are engaging in imaginative play. and while i do tend to follow that to a certain extent, i do still enjoy a bit of color and whimsy. so these toys really do hit all the right notes for us. not that we don’t also have tonka monster trucks for good measure, but i do like to have a balance of toys around the house that will be both entertaining and educational for the kids. plus these make especially good gifts!


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