a jeans and t-shirt kind of day

no, i did not take anyone’s suggestions for today’s outfit. i tried and tried and made a big ol’ mess in my bedroom, but in the end i decided to go for a plain old jeans and t-shirt look. well, now i’m wearing a t-shirt, but i did wear the lace shell for a couple of hours and will probably put it back on when i go out tonight. but really, i just couldn’t help myself. i had to wear the new custom jeans i got from indidenim! they are exactly what i asked for: high rise skinnies with a 12″ leg opening and a slightly longer length. they fit like a glove. especially since i gained a few lbs while eating constantly during my long thanksgiving weekend. seriously. but those will drop off in a few more days anyway. and i’m not complaining. the food was delicious.

anyway, i actually went on a little field trip to the indidenim offices as part of a new feature i am going to be introducing to the blog. i’ve decided to start a series in which i go on various field trips to local small and independent businesses that i love (vintage shops, boutiques, etc), take a few behind-the-scenes shots, and report back to my blog to tell you all about it. it will include video. think of it like mister rogers’ neighborhood when he went on tours of factories, except i’ll be showing you how to pick a custom pair of jeans instead of how crayons are made. more on that very soon.

but in the meantime, i will be trying some new outfits with the suggestions and ideas you gave me. i might even wear leggings. who knows? such mystery, such intrigue…

cashmere cardigan, j.crew
vintage lace shell, estate sale
custom made high rise skinny jeans, indidenim
platform ankle boots, payless
vintage coach purse, thrifted

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  1. I think I'll like you more than Mr. Rogers. I was always just waiting for him to be quiet so I could watch the puppets. Very excited for your new adventure!

  2. Sounds like a great idea for a blog feature! I will have to look into indidenim when I am at my parents' house in the east bay over the holidays!

    Also, I looove that lace shell. I found a similar looking lace bolero a few months ago, but I've had a hard time adapting it for colder weather. Thanks for the lace + cardi inspiration.

  3. Okay those jeans are just perfect for you! I love love love them!

    Also, I cannot wait for your new features (especially since I'm guessing they'll be local for me!). I was always the kid who not only preferred Mr. Rogers to Sesame Street, but whose eyes were GLUED to the TV whenever the mailman brought over one of those awesome videos about how things are made. I can't wait, Erin!

    P.S. Love the lace shell and sweater too :)

  4. Ack, that lace shell is so so pretty!

    I'm excited about the upcoming "field trips" and the VIDEOS! I am vair vair excited about videos on your blog, especially with your comparison to Mr. Rogers. You've even got the cardi all set! So much exciting things happening on calivintage. I know something was happening with the words "field trips" in them because of the sudden label link at the top of your blog. I was intrigued straight away.

  5. That vintage lace shell is gorgeous! What a great find! I think I am going to need to get some custom made jeans…I need tons of extra length, and your look great!

  6. wooohooo your legs look SO good in them jeans! A great pair of jeans allows you to go simple with the pairing, I find.

    Your hair looks so good here too.

  7. Ooooh you can never go wrong with jeans and tee – I love the detail on the t-shirt and the grey cardi is super sweet – love the whole thing :)


  8. you are so cute! can I be you for the day? i love that you are wearing this very ladylike blouse with killer booties & jeans!

  9. what shall i say? Your outfits are just ALWAYS great so i could write an awesome comment under every picture you know? ;)
    great great great great

  10. personally, i LOVE your casual looks. it's easier to look chic & well put together when wearing a dressier outfit, but you still manage to do this when simply wearing a 'jeans + t-shirt' kind of look.

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