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you may have noticed that for the past two weeks, i took a break from blogging on the weekends. i thought that it would be liberating to give myself some days off, but i was eventually overtaken with this nagging anxiety to keep posting every day. while i will not be doing outfit posts on the weekends, i have found a happy medium in the form of two new features: saturdays will be link roundups where i show you some of my favorite blog posts of the week, and the following day will be street style sunday, where i showcase my favorite street style looks of the week. (i got the street style sunday idea from dear sara elise of style magnet, though i don’t know if it’s a “thing” out there in the blogging/tumblr world. you know, like music mondays and gpoyw, etc…)

anyway. now that we’re done with the intro, i give you my favorite links of the week:

darling darling: equus
diane wears the coolest thrift score i have seen in a long while. epic dress with all over horse print!

sally jane vintage: but life is both a major and minor key…
i’m head over heels for the warm colors in this perfectly styled look. that polka dot blouse is such a great vintage find!

the clothes horse: my father’s dragon
rebecca introduces us to the amazing set designs of studio toogood. and as she states, the name is apt.

red lips vintage: the look for less, couple incognito
rachel and her bf put together a smashing outfit based on a streetstyle pic. bonus: you can enter a giveaway to win her outfit!

fashion gone rogue: picnic for one
this photo by karen collins reminds me that i’ve been meaning to plan an indoor picnic before the winter is over. i’m thinking bbq, potato salad, and a cold beer.

clever nettle: dead leaves and dirty ground
anja mixes stripes and plaid in the prettiest color combo ever. i adore her look!

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  1. I think the indoor picnic is an excellent idea. We are snowed in here on the East Coast and the Superbowl is on. I will hopefully have pictures to show.


  2. I saw you today! Or someone who looked a lot like you crossing Market Street. We were walking in opposite directions. You look wonderful on your blog and even better in person. You're also taller than I thought!

  3. Aww, thanks for including me!

    And to be all cliche, I die EVERY TIME I go back to look at that particular outfit of anja's. It's so good!

  4. Really like that blue skirt :)

    And, I had the same thing somewhat happen to me.
    I was trying to ensure two days away from the blog but than I had some ideas that I had no space for but the weekend so…here we are lol

    Now to check out those links!

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