third verse same as the first


yes, i am in love with this peach dress. i think this is the fourth time i’ve worn it since i got it last month, but i don’t care. it’s such a versatile piece that each time i’ve worn it, i’ve been able to come up with a different look. today i was celebrating the late summer that’s finally arrived in the bay area with temperatures reaching up over 90 degrees. i know i’ve talked a lot about the weather lately, but if you live in the area, you know what i’m talking about! i’ve spent far too many summer days in front of the space heater wrapped in a big sweater this summer, so i’m glad to be able to go out into the hot sun and even get a little sweaty. that’s what popsicles are for, after all!

dress: american apparel lace chiffon dress
blouse: vintage eyelet blouse from helgesok vintage
shoes: thrifted vintage woven loafers
bag: loft woven leather clutch
pin: plastic bike pin (it came for free in a ‘bike to work day’ tote bag last year)


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  1. This dress is AA? Wow! I'd never thought it is, the way you wera it makes it look like a unique vintage piece! You are so fab! :)

  2. Completely understand why you're so smitten with the dress. What a brilliant pin (looks like your bike to work days are far superior to the ones at my office!)

  3. Love these pictures. I especially love when you do that pose in picture #4. Its so Erin :)

    This dress is amazing — the first time you featured it on here, I looked it up and wanted to buy it, but alas, wallet is a little light these days…

    And the bicycle pin is just too cute for words. I love how your personality shines through your outfits!!

    Enjoy the Indian summer out West!

  4. Ahaha, love it! Your pictures made me so happy! Your tattoos and pixie cut look fabulous with such a girly outfit. Beautiful.

    I live in SD… yeah, hot here too! Dang! Talk about a late bloomer, California!


  5. Oooh I think that's such a cute dress, I'd wear it all the time if I had that too! I'm not ashamed to say that I wear my favourite dresses a lot too!

  6. That dress and blouse go well with your hair, both the pixie cut and the dark color. Nice contrast on both accounts:) Also, I can see why you want to wear that dress so often; it's really cute.

  7. this is so pretty.
    just this whole thing! aknfkfdkngs
    i'm in love :)

    oh and the heat today in Marin is not fun, in my opinion. 97? eeww! i'm melting. haha.

    xx elanor

  8. Agreed, it's SO nice to finally have some pleasant weather in the bay area!! Even going to SF State it's been warm out there, which is pretty rare. Cute dress, I had no idea it was from American Apparel!

  9. You are making me want that dress like no one's business! I love a blouse layered under a dress, makes me feel all school-girl like. It's a good thing I didn't go to private school, I'd probably hate that look then. Delightful as usual.

  10. i have the exact same bicycle pin in three different colours! thrifted on different occassions!

    great outfit.

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