cape time

calivintage: cape
and i’m back from my holiday trip to southern california. i was there for a few days visiting my family in my home town of redlands. we stuffed ourselves with tamales and had good times watching movies, opening presents, and enjoying each others’ company. before i left, i sorta had this vision of taking lots of photos for the blog, but once i was there, i found myself a bit too involved in family affairs to sneak away for photo shoots. so this is the only outfit i was able to document during my trip. it was a simple comfy outfit for a day spent eating far too much christmas candy and cookies. and pretty much the entire time i was there, i would throw on my trusty new wool cape. it was a very sweet gift from my lovely boyfriend. he drove all the way to monterey to the pendleton store to get me some blankets for christmas and when he saw this cape, he thought i would like it, but just wasn’t sure. when i opened up the gift, he kept telling me that i could return it if i didn’t like it! suffice to say it’s already gotten a lot of good use! such a sweetheart.
fur: vintage fur, gift from my mom
cape: pendleton wool cape, gift from my boyfriend
calivintage: cape
calivintage: cape
calivintage: cape
calivintage: cape
calivintage: cape


  1. Beautiful cape!! I had the same vision on the holidays but ended up with less pictures then planned. Hope you had a wonderful christmas!


  2. Wow that cape is amazingly beautiful and also looks super warm and comfortable! Very sweet of your boyfriend :). I also like the color of your tights and they also look very warm! Happy Holidays!

    teri at

  3. Tamales sounds like an excellent food to stuff yourself with over Christmas. The cape is lovely, and it must be nice to live somewhere warm enough to use them properly. : )

  4. What a great boyfriend! I've been with my husband 10 years and still don't trust him to buy me clothes… ;)

    That cape is gorgeous!

  5. melis: so nice to meet you! i'll have to give you a shout next time i'm in the area!

    naomi: yes! i'm glad you noticed that because i definitely wanted to convey that feeling in the photos. visiting home, i am always struck by the 1950's suburban neighborhoods there!

  6. Aw, I love the cape! My boyfriend was the same way about my fur coat. He kept telling me that I could return it or try on other things at the store. :]

  7. Awesome cape! I love it with the fur. And those shoes are amazing. I, too, thought that I'd be getting all of these amazing shots of cute holiday outfits and lovely locales while I was home in Seattle for the holidays but I forgot my camera. *sigh* There's still NYE!

  8. wow, this cape is perfect! and the fur from your mom is the perfect accessory. christmas is all about family, yummy food, and good conversations. i like this time of the year.

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