wedding weekend

calivintage: wedding weekend

aaaand i’m back from a long weekend spent with my family in southern california for my sister’s wedding! i have to admit, i was a bad blogger because i hardly took any photos while i was away, but i was just too busy running around with last minute wedding preparations, and just spending time with my family. but i did snap a few shots on the wedding day, and thought i might share my little photo diary with you!

above, i’m doing my signature jump shot in front of my grandparents house with my incredibly fashionable little brother. i’m wearing a boutique by jaeger dress and he’s wearing a j.crew shirt, levi’s 1947 jeans, and alden boots.

calivintage: wedding weekend

on the day of the wedding, i went to the nail salon with my sister (the bride), my mom, and my aunt julie. i picked out a bright orange to match my lipstick, and the lady doing my nails convinced me to do the tips. i thought it was weird at first, but i actually like it  a lot!

calivintage: wedding weekend

i look like a tourist with my silly cat camera!

calivintage: wedding weekend

i was too impatient to wait to wear this dress, so you’ve already seen it! but here’s a quick outfit shot!

calivintage: wedding weekend

posing for pictures with my sis after the ceremony.

calivintage: wedding weekend

aha! my grandparents are like me. they usually make serious faces for the pictures, but i caught them in a candid moment!

calivintage: wedding weekend

the obligatory group shot of our family with the happy couple. the perez family. (i’m standing next to my mom!)

calivintage: wedding weekend

i decorated the wedding cakes complete with little orange blossoms and kumquats!

my brother decided to interfere with my outfit shot. his vintage reissue levi’s and alden boots are stealing the show!


  1. your little brother totally is super fashionable, guess it must run in the family <3

    and im kind of in love with this nail colored tips idea! i must try this asap!

  2. Too many gorgeous things to comment on all of them- especially those cakes! You don’t look like you are jumping, you look a bit angelic. Why do I always look like I am falling?
    Your hair is perfect to- must stop gushing now. What a lovely wedding.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. this looks like the best kind of wedding imaginable — just family and delicious pastries and cool nails! ;) congratulations to your sister!

  4. Aww, these photos are so sweet! I love how you include family photos on your blog…the posts with old black and whites that you put up a while back were awesome. And the wedding cakes that you decorated are beautiful!

  5. wow, your sister is a gorgeous bride! her dress was lovely! and i am so smitten with your dress that i would never tire of seeing it. you just have a fantastically hip family. love this little glimpse into your life :)

  6. i love this photo diary! what an awesome post.

    that dress is so lovely and vintage and everything special.
    that signature jump shot of yours, you have it down to an art! it looks so good. almost like some invisible rope is holding you up, no jump at all!

    your sister looks beautiful in that layered dress and so happy.

    talk soon wild child

  7. What a beautiful and fashionable family! You and your brother always look chic and amazing, but I have to say that the bride’s gown is so great–just flawless–I love the tiered ruffles. Everyone looks so lovely and so happy.

  8. Congratulations to your sister! My sister is getting married this winter. Pretty special.
    I adore the last set of pictures. So much fun!

  9. I love that last picture, you look like you’re rolling your eyes and then smiling – which is the only possible reaction to little brothers!

  10. your beautiful dress, that gorgeous cake and your so stylish brother! more of all 3, please + major congrats to your sister, the new brother in law and your families :)

  11. Love your dress and I think this is the first time I’ve seen you smiling in pictures! Funny that you mentioned it about your grandparents! I tend to dork out with my brother too- the jump shots and just plain silliness! The cake is FANTASTIC- I love the simplicity yet delicacy of it! Looks like a wonderful time! :D

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