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calivintage: aqua

this is actually one of the outfits that i wore while i was on vacation in hawaii, but i never managed to snap a picture of myself wearing it while i was there! so yesterday, when i saw the sun shining outside, i pulled on this easy linen dress and took it for another spin. it’s one of those dresses that i don’t think i would ordinarily wear– it’s decidedly ladylike and much more mature than my usual girlish garb– but after having seen the sturdy linen fabric and well-constructed lines, i decided that it was just too nice to pass up. and definitely the type of thing to bring on a tropical vacation.

i’ve actually been a bit obsessed with linen this summer. i think i’ve mentioned it before, but it has always been one of those fabrics that i sort of hated because it gets wrinkled so easily. but then i realized that part of it’s charm is that it does get wrinkly. it’s supposed to be that way! i like that i don’t have to iron it and i can sort of just let it do it’s thing. it’s got this perfectly easy quality that’s pretty much the epitome of summer casual.

knitted dove linen dress
kork ease ava in water
thrifted vintage bag
ysl fard a levres rouge pur lipstick in rosy coral


calivintage: aquacalivintage: aqua
calivintage: aqua
calivintage: aqua
calivintage: aqua
calivintage: aqua


  1. I’ve been swooning over this dress eversince I first saw it on modcloth and I don’t know if you wore it on here before or if my imagination was running away with me but I sort of thought how great that would look on you.
    I’ll add clairvoyance to my resume right about now ;)

  2. Ohhhh I love this dress, it’s been on my modcloth wish list forever but I was worried the waist might be too low/long on me as I am short. It looks absolutely fabulous on you, and I love how you’ve made it “yours” with the blue sandals x

    1. yes, you’re right! it is big in the waist, so i altered mine to fit! and i do find the torso to be sliiightly long, but not too bad. i’m 5’5″ to give you an idea. it really is a lovely dress and well worth it even with the alterations!

  3. It’s such a beautifully cool and fresh look, makes me wanna buy a plane ticket to someplace nice and not like frisco just for one nice sunny stroll haha and cute shoes~

  4. Great dress. Very forgiving. Would hide alot of my flaws. If I’d seen it in your closet and knew you were wearing it so infrequently, I’d snatch it up. With the heat wav we’re experiencing, I’d wear that dress as much as I could.

  5. Oh I love this outfit, so very much! The colours, the lightness – you are quite right to love linen! It looks so airy and floaty and light. Especially the colours and stripes :)

    x Vanessa

    ps – perfect shoes!

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