beret baby


call it what you will: an emerging trend, a classic that’s never gone out of style, or just another accessory that’s been catching my eye lately, but there’s just something about the beret that’s been calling my name! they’ve been popping up on blogs and street style sites a lot these days as a perfect little winter topper. the funny thing is that i don’t think i have ever even worn a beret in my entire life, but seeing all of these photos around the web has got me quickly changing my tune.

above: street style by tokyo faces, street style by all the pretty birds, street style by the sartorialist, meg of don juan’s reckless daughter, toshiko of it’s not her, it’s me, and marie photographed by glamcanyon.

might i also add that this trend has recently been spotted on some of our fanciest felines friends? that’s right, behold the wonders of cat atelier:


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  1. Yes! I keep seeing this trend too! I think it’s pretty cute, but I’m not sure if I can pull of a beret. For me it would have to be something that “makes” the outfit rather than just a cute accessory that I throw on.

  2. I like berets. They are cute and classy, if you match them with the right clothes! I wore berets a lot when I was little, now it’s been a while.. But I know I have at least one somewhere in the closet.. :)

  3. Berets are generally the only thing that fit my big ahead, so I’m always a big fan. Love the various looks you’ve gathered together here – my favourite (aside from the chic cat) is the girl in the green. I thought she was rocking some classic English style, until I realised it was taken in Italy!

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