best basics

best basics

people frequently ask me if i’d be willing to share a list of my most essential wardrobe items. i’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and decided to pull together a list of my current must-have basics. i know none of these are especially cheap if purchased new, but you can find the vintage/thrifted version of many of the items on the list. the idea is that these are– for me– the cream of the crop! they’re all really good, quality items made with very nice materials that i find myself wearing over and over again. if i could only have these items in a variety of different colors, i would be a very happy camper.

do you have any wardrobe items you just can’t live without?


  1. Lately I’ve been thinking that I need to invest in some Equipment blouses. I know they’re sold by a lot of online retailers, but what brick-and-mortar stores sell them? I’d love to try a few on before buying one.

  2. I love your classic investment pieces! Do you know if all J Brand jeans are made in CA? Or just certain styles? I’d have to add black pants and a black cashmere cardigan, those can take you anywhere!

    1. you know, i can’t be positive whether or not all j brand jeans are made in california, but every pair that i own has a little “made in california” label on the inside, so i wanna say yes! i don’t think it’s a big part of their branding, so i don’t see them advertising it on their site, but it’s definitely a plus for me!

  3. I love your jbrand pants, but they’re so expensive! And then I looked at your link for cheapmondays and didn’t see any of their prices, what stores carry their brand?

    1. we actually sell them at my work! i’d recommend these. they definitely run small, so i’d suggest sizing up. other than that, your best bet would be to do a search on the google shopping page since there are so many different sites that carry them! good luck!

  4. the coach willis bag is my dream( i have the black but sort of want a new one) and those karen walker sunnies are statement i would love a pair my forever21 are great too. you look beautiful in red. i’m black so red doesnt look good on me haha

  5. You have such a chic, classic california/parisienne list of basics here that I am LOVE-ing!! i think my outfit for today is going to be very similar to this look…

  6. Such a fab post! It really seems to encapsulate your style perfectly. I agree about the Karen Walker sunnies and Vara shoes, they add a great flourish to any outfit. I’m still hunting for the perfect pair of vintage Salvatore Ferragamos after buying a couple of too-narrow pairs off Etsy.


    1. ugh, yeah. those aa aaa aaaa sizes can be sneaky because a lot of sellers fail to note that measurement. i recently bought a pair that was too narrow and took them to a cobbler to be stretched! now they fit perfectly, so you might give it a try!

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