summer dreams

calivintage: summer dreams

it’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but i may have developed a bit of a hoarding habit in which i prepare for hot summer weather that barely even exists here in the bay area… case in point: i’ve amassed a little collection of short shorts and tiny tops in hopes that i can somehow will the weather to be warm enough to actually wear them. i have a very busy weekend ahead of me, so i won’t be taking any day trips to the beach just yet, but at least i have a few outfits planned juuuust in case.

calivintage: summer dreams

above: american apparel stripe double u-neck tank topjungle chic sunglasses courtesy of bonlookmollie straw hat and golden yellow shorts courtesy of lulu’s.

calivintage: summer dreams

above: i am a cat by soseki natsume, chevron havana sunglasses courtesy of david yurmanamerican apparel denim sleeveless crop button up, and chevron stripe shorts courtesy of lulu’s.

calivintage: summer dreams

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  1. What a lovely selection of Summer items, I really love those red and white striped shorts, I have been hoarding shoes like they are going out of style :)

  2. No worries, I have been doing the exact same thing even though it’s still 50 degrees and windy here on the East Coast. It does make getting dressed in the morning quite difficult, though, because all I want to wear are tank-tops and shorts/skirts.

  3. I hope you’re wearing that camellia in your hair, because it looks darling with the sunnies!

    And amen on the summer fantasy front…50’s and windy here in the Netherlands too. Sigh. I’ll just prance about in my summer clothes inside.

  4. Ahh, I moved to the Bay Area from the East Coast and have so many cute little things that never get worn now. I work my turtleneck repeated during my first month here (AUGUST) though at least February was warm enough for short sleeves. The weather here gets me so confused as to what time of year it is!

  5. That book! I just googled it after I saw it here and I am intrigued now…I have to read it! Going to get it right now.

  6. Such wonderful pictures love! I adore your blog love! You and it are so precious. I am your newest follower and I am so happy to be!
    I would really love it if you could check out my latest posts!

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