tba spring 2013

i am obsessed with this dress. i think i first came across it while (you guessed it) scrolling through pinterest, and crossed my fingers as i clicked the link waiting to see if it was 1. available and 2. in my price range. and i was delighted to see that it was from the tba spring 2013 collection. i remember last spring, they came out with a slightly similar sheer white dress with scallops in a mini length. i was always kinda bummed that i never got it, but this pretty thing is definitely making me feel better about that. and for that matter, i’m pretty delighted by much of their spring offerings over at tba. the sheer skirts are definitely my favorites, but they have a lovely assortment of prints and textures in very easy shapes that are perfect for wearing while lazing about on a hot summer day.

photos courtesy of tba.


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