au lait

even though i’m no longer pregnant, i’ve still been having fun browsing the web on the hunt for good maternity clothes. they’re harder to come by than you would think, and there’s always someone in need of a few suggestions, so i’ve been collecting my favorites on pinterest. during one such browsing session late last night, i stumbled upon au lait, a new clothing line specifically designed for breastfeeding mothers. it obviously attracted my attention, since this is exactly the challenge i’ve been dressing for since adam was born, and it can be a lot harder than it seems. i mean, sure, it’s a no-brainer to wear tops and pants. but that’s not exacltly the most exciting option day after day. and pulling your shirt up or down (or unbuttoning your dress) to expose way more than you want can be pretty stressful when you’re out in public or with a large group of people around.

au lait has come up with an interesting solution, constructing tops and dresses with a double layer and internal vertical slit, and a few tops with princess seams that can be pulled to the side. it sounds like it could get tricky, but most of the designs are pretty cute and easily incorporated into any wardrobe. enough so that the whole thing has got me rather intrigued, and i really want to give them a try!

images courtesy of au lait.


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