margaret howell spring 2014


oh to be the woman decked out in all margaret howell. i have long been a fan of the iconic designer, but somehow haven’t written much about her on my blog over the years. part of it has to do with the fact that even though i love the style, it hasn’t always been the way i dress myself. until more recently, when i want everything i wear to be this kind of classic, menswear-inspired, nautical-themed kind of style. times like this, i want to go through her entire archive of collections dating all the way back to 1980 and start fashioning my entire wardrobe after her clean and simple aesthetic. it’s because of her that i’ve always wished i could pull of a beret. and how does she make a simple fedora so decidedly cool? i always feel kinda like a tool when i wear one, but now i wanna try it again. with a necktie and a cool jacket and some leather sandals. yes, please!

photos courtesy of margaret howell.


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