outfit: momcore


since having my baby earlier this year, i’ve been jokingly referring to my style as momcore. i was laughing when i bought a pair of mom jeans because i was like, well duh, i’m a mom now. and it’s pretty convenient that your mom in the ’90s is now serving as fashion inspiration because, well frankly, that’s a pretty convenient point of reference for my current lifestyle. but all joking aside, i am totally wearing a “mom outfit” today. the dress is by loyal hana, a clothing line designed for nursing mothers. and my art teacher-chic necklace is by mama and little, made with silicone beads for the sole purpose of being chewed on by a teething baby.

i’m generally of the set that doesn’t believe you need to specifically buy “maternity” or “nursing” clothes, but i have found myself drawn to some of the new designers out there who are tackling some of the challenges for dressing as a new mom. the dress is designed like any other dress, it just so happens to have two hidden zippers conveniently placed at either side so that i can still wear a little shift dress without having to run off to hide while i hike up my entire dress in an attempt to nurse my baby. the design is kinda perfect. until i got this dress (and another design by au lait), i was stuck with wearing either separates, or dresses with a button front. buttons are ok, but when you’re holding a wiggly baby in your arms all day, those buttons have a tendency to come undone. just picture yourself walking around the grocery store entirely unaware that half your dress is open. it’s happened.

so here i am, channeling my own mom in the ’90s, who also happened to be an elementary school art teacher, and totally would have worn something like this while teaching her students how to basket weave.

cybelle nursing dress courtesy of loyal hana
mama and little teresa silicone teething necklace
asos bag
swedish hasbeens braided clogs
jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker


    1. thank you! that’s definitely what i’m going for. the way i see it, even if something functionally serves a purpose in my outfit, it doesn’t need to visually indicate what that function is. your comment makes me feel like i’ve accomplished that!

  1. I love your momcore outfits! It’s so hard to find nursing tops and dresses that aren’t super ugly, especially to wear to work, so I’m always happy when you share such cute stuff. :)

  2. i’ve been following your blog for a few years, and while i’ve always found your style inspirational, i just wanted to say that lately, you. look. fabulous. i want to dress like your mom in the 90s too, because from the looks of it her style was incredible!

  3. I just awwww’d real loud…my mom is an elementary school art teacher. This post made me want to hug her. I’m filing all this fashion inspiration away for when I need it, so its much appreciated!

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