outfit: true blue

calivintage - heinui jumpsuit

if i could only wear one color for the rest of my life, it would probably be blue. looking at my clothing rack, it is dominated by this indigo hue. even when i consciously try to avoid it in favor of something different, i inevitably fall back on it. so when i saw this jumpsuit by heinui i had to have it immediately. the only problem is that at the time, i also happened to be six months pregnant, so i’ve been patiently waiting for months to finally try it on! fortunately for me, it was worth the wait. it makes such a stunning statement, especially with this abandoned turn-of-the-century train station as the backdrop. and i just kept the outfit simple so that none of my accessories would compete with it.

it also comes in a few different options: short or long sleeve in indigo or chambray, and there is a dress version as well. they are all currently on sale along with a bunch of other amazing pieces, so you should go check it out!

heinui ernesto indigo cotton jumpsuit
brookes boswell cortland straw hat
claire v. kenya bag
swedish hasbeens braided high in natural

calivintage - heinui jumpsuit
calivintage - heinui jumpsuit
calivintage - heinui jumpsuit
calivintage - heinui jumpsuit


  1. Hi Erin–since you were so wonderfully helpful with my Kamm pants sizing conundrum (ha!) a month or so ago, I thought I’d solicit your advice on Heinui, especially after seeing her new SS17 looks. Do you mind sharing which size you went for in the jumpsuit / did you follow her online size guidelines exactly? Thanks as always!

    1. ooh, this is a tough one because i was a different size when i got this one because it was right after the baby was born. i have two pieces from her in two different sizes, but they fit exactly the same. so i would say that you would be best going off her size guides because i think each garment runs different! the main measurement on hers to watch is usually the waistband! there’s a decent amount of room in the bust on her clothes despite the thin models!

      1. Thanks Erin! The dress I just ordered doesn’t have a waistband so should be pretty flexible in terms of sizing. xo

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