the basics


it’s  funny, looking at this outfit, i’m suddenly reminded of my “summer uniform” from last year. it was really similar: a statement hat, a cream top, wide leg jeans. it’s a little bit updated for the season, but it’s essentially the same outfit. and apparently a go-to look of mine. i think we all have a tendency to gravitate towards certain silhouettes that make us feel good, and this is one of those looks for me. now that the seasons are changing, i’ve been transitioning to wearing wide leg jeans because they have more of a fall vibe, but the loose shape still keeps you cool on these hot late summer days. these are also incredibly flattering, in my opinion. i’m four months postpartum and don’t feel self conscious in them at all. if anything, i feel like the high rise gives me back some of the shape that i lost during my pregnancy, which still hasn’t quite bounced back.

in other news, i’m standing in front of the historic mod building here in redlands. i posted a photo of it on instagram a while back, but didn’t mention that it’s actually been sold and getting ready for commerce. it’s walking distance from my home and has been standing here empty for a number of years, but thankfully there is a new plan to renovate and turn it into a fancy food court of sorts. it’s one of the few original packing houses still standing in this town, which was once a major distributor of oranges in southern california. the more you know… haha.

brookes boswell cortland hat
japanese gathered blouse courtesy of zady
neuw paris crop jeans courtesy of article&
young frankk necklace
gillian steinhardt right hand bracelet
greek sandals





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