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it’s been a while since i’ve shared my favorite beauty essentials, so this post is long overdue. especially considering how i painstakingly search for and try new beauty products all of the time. really! i could probably have my own beauty blog if i wasn’t so shy about showing pictures of my face, haha. i don’t have makeup artists skills or anything like that, but i am addicted to testing out every lotion, soap, and cosmetic out there. at least when it comes to daily beauty looks. i don’t experiment a lot with flashy makeup, but if you want to know about waterproof liquid liners or lip and cheek stains, i’ve probably tried them all.

first aid beauty ultra repair hydrating serum – i’m actually a fan of a lot of first aid beauty products, but this has been my go-to serum for a while now. everything about this serum is ideal, from the opaque packaging that protects it from breaking down in the light to the pump dispenser that keeps your fingers from contaminating the product with germs. and of course, let’s not forget that it is filled with loads of antioxidant ingredients and doesn’t include any potentially irritating ingredients like fragrance or essential oils.

glossier priming moisturizer – truth be told, i first got into this line of products because i was drawn to the packaging. but it totally lives up to the hype! i am obsessed with anything including hyaluronic acid because it works instantly to plump up your skin. not kidding. it has a kinda fluffy, lightweight texture to it that is ideal for my skin type. which is, honestly, just regular skin, or what most people refer to as combination. my friends with dry skin say this isn’t heavy duty enough, but i find it to be perfect. i’m also a big fan of first aid beauty skin rescue oil-free mattifying gel as a moisturizer. especially good for oily skin or in the summertime when you need something lighter.

marc jacobs under(cover) perfecting coconut primer – this one was a bit of a surprise for me because i’ve never really seen the need for product primers, and i’ve never tried any marc jacobs cosmetics before. but this stuff is awesome! particularly if you are a fan of coconut oil and want to avoid silicone-based primers while still achieving a smooth surface for makeup application. i don’t have a problem with silicones, but i do love coconut oil and it’s just a really great product.

glossier coconut balm dotcom – i use this for essentially the same reason as i like the marc jacobs primer. coconut! other than that, it’s basically just vaseline, which is fine by me when it comes to hydrating my lips.

bareminerals complexion rescue – this has been my daily go-to since the product first launched. full disclosure, i received my first bottle as part of a paid promotion, but have since used multiple bottles until the very last drop. it’s kinda like a tinted moisturizer or cc cream (which are basically the same thing). not moisturizing enough to use without a lotion first, but that’s ok because it’s really meant to be used as a sheer foundation. if you have acne or anything like that, it won’t do much to cover it, but if you’re just looking for something to even out you skin tone while giving you that glowy look, then you will love this stuff. it’s a bestselling product, so they also recently introduced an expanded line of colors, which is even better. if you want something with more coverage, i live by the make up for ever ultra hd foundation. it’s highly pigmented, comes in a million colors, and is buildable so you can do either a really sheer wash or layer it on for complete coverage.

clinique all about eyes concealer – as far as concealers go, this is one of a handful of favorites. i’m featuring it mostly because it’s what i am currently using. i tend to cycle back and forth between this, the tarte maracuja creaseless waterproof concealer, and the nars radiant creamy concealer. they’re all really good. the downside to the clinique one is that they don’t have a ton of shades, so this might not work for you if you have darker skin or just a harder-to-match color. i use the light petal color which is kinda peachy, but i like that because it helps to color correct my dark under eye circles.

glossier boy brow – as with a lot of the glossier products, this isn’t revolutionary, but it is really great. i have been a huge fan of brow pomade since forever. it used to be, if i wasn’t going to wear any makeup, i would still just apply a brow pomade. this one is really nice for when you just want a natural look to enhance your brows. definitely not a precision tool, but that’s kinda why i like it. just a casual, easy look when you’re not trying to look done up. if you want more recommendations, i love everything by anastasia new york, especially the dipbrow pomade. you can use a really precise angled brush with this if you prefer something a bit more exact.

rms lip2cheek – these tiny pots of lip and cheek stain have some serious pigmentation to them. i was kind of turned off by the price tag for how small it is, but then i realized it’s because it will last forever and ever. i like the ethos behind the brand, and they have a ton of different natural shades that i enjoy. i’m also a big fan of the josie maran coconut watercolor cheek gelee and glossier generation g. oh, and i always have a bottle of the original benefit benetint. i’ve used it since i was 15 years old and let’s just say that’s more than half of my life at this point.


this post is not sponsored in any way, but i did use affiliate links and i’m sharing my link for 20% off your first purchase from glossier because who doesn’t love a discount?


  1. how weird that we use a lot of the same products!! i just discovered glossier…that priming moisturizer is a game changer haha. also a big fan of the nars radiant creamy concealer! thanks for sharing, i love reading about beauty routines!

  2. I enjoyed your insight and honest descriptions of these products. I think we’re much alike in our beauty product love. Please keep these post coming. I so enjoyed it. Thanks!

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