where do we go from here?


this is my first blog post since the election and i’m having a hard time figuring out where to start. i haven’t published a post in days because it just didn’t feel right to resume talking about fashion without first stopping to acknowledge what is happening in this country. it’s been a very rough week for many of us. thankfully for me, i have my two babies to take care of. they don’t know what is going on in the world, but they need me to be strong even when i am afraid. afraid for my brown family, for black lives, for immigrants, for the dakota pipeline protestors, for lgbtq+ rights, for anyone in marginalized groups who are threatened by the rhetoric and proposed policy of our new “president elect.”

i know i’m not perfect, and i know i don’t have all the answers, but i do want to do something. so starting this week, i’ve committed to donating 10% of my calivintage shop profits. first to the aclu, and then to a rotation of different organizations who promise to protect the rights of marginalized people and the environment on an ongoing basis. and i will continue to support sustainability through vintage, and i will continue to support small, to support local, to support the environment and human rights. because that is what i believe in. and i want that to be clear in everything i do.


  1. I love the Anne denim shirt dress. I am nearing my second trimester, and I love that this piece could be worn buttoned now, and open as a duster as my pregnancy progresses. It would also be perfect for nursing once baby is born. As you know very well, Erin, utility is key! This is a beautiful piece that is also totally functional.

  2. I’m just SO GRATEFUL that you commented on the election as a woman professional working in this country today—so proud of you for speaking so eloquently—if not here—where? each of us must use our voices! thank YOU!

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