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i told you it was party month over here! today i thought i’d share a few photos from the little spread i put together for a very low key new year’s eve celebration. i’m not especially big on new year’s and i don’t tend to make resolutions. i always have big goals that i want to achieve, and i feel like all the resolution stuff is just more added pressure getting tacked on to the passing of another calendar year. but i do like any excuse to drink champagne and eat fancy uncured meats and stinky cheeses. so i put together a rather decadent spread and invited just a couple of people over to enjoy a very casual celebration. at dinnertime. because we decided to put the kids down to sleep at their usual bedtimes rather than tempt fate and force them to stay awake on the edge of tantrums and meltdowns. i did actually stay up until one minute before midnight when edie woke up crying. so i rang in 2017 nursing my little baby back to sleep.

but back to the important stuff: meat and cheese! i keep seeing these epic platters on pinterest, so i decided to give it a try for myself. this was my second attempt, and i would say that it was a success! and perhaps a new party tradition around here. it’s my birthday tomorrow, and i still haven’t made any plans, so perhaps i’ll have to pull one of these together and pour myself another glass of champagne. i’m gonna need it to drown my sorrows. not because i’ll be a year older, but because tomorrow is inauguration day.

calivintage meat and cheese platter


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