calivintage + lacausa clothing

can you believe it? i’m not wearing blue! i always always always fall back on my trusty blues, so i’m feeling rather proud of myself for wearing a different color haha. in the past, i’ve shied away from greens out of fear that they weren’t “flattering” against my pale olive skin, but that’s just silliness. i hate the idea of avoiding things because of silly “rules.” if you like something, you should wear it. and i’ve been drawn to all sorts of different shades of green lately. perhaps this is the color of the year somehow sneaking an influence on me? or perhaps it’s because i just desperately need to break free from my endless stream of blues?

anyway, if you’re really worried that a color won’t work for you, just keep it away from your face and/or try some lipstick or blush to balance it out. i did both of those things with this outfit. you can barely tell, but i’m wearing a peachy shade of lipstick from my new make beauty celeste e verde palette. that and the peachy sunglasses seems to do the trick!

the t-shirt and the pants are from lacausa clothing. in spanish, lacausa means “the cause” and this la-based brand has made sustainability and ethical conditions their cause. they carefully select fabrics for both ease and comfort, without losing sight of their ethical stance within the industry. and they’re totally affordable! sometimes it seems that these things don’t go hand in hand, but they do at lacausa! you can select from more timeless basics like what i’m wearing today, or you can pick something a bit more bold, all without having to save up a months worth of wages just to buy it.

lacausa vintage frank top and isabelle trousers
steven alan bryce suglasses in peach crystal
make beauty celeste e verde palette
mari giudicelli leblon mules
vintage sweater

calivintage + lacausa clothing
calivintage + lacausa clothing
calivintage + lacausa clothing


  1. Ha! I’m laughing at myself bc I’ve already gone and bought the Yarrow Caftan, not five min after reading this post. Your sponsors should be pleased w your influence, haha. I’m super excited by the company tho! Ethics, style, and price = Amy buys the Yarrow Caften.

  2. I guess I never picked up on how much you wore blue!
    I love the whole ethical sustainable fashion. I have a giant list for the organization that I volunteer for that fights human trafficking (I maintain their resources, website, social media) filled with ethical, slave free, sustainable products. . .and I am adding this one to it!!! Thanks!

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