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calivintage + found company

we’re in the middle of a heat wave in the winter, and while i know i should concerned because global warming is real, it’s hard not to enjoy such pleasant weather after so many cold, rainy days this season! and spring really is right around the corner. when i first picked up this jumpsuit, it was still too cold to wear it. so of course i was so happy when i could finally throw it on with a pair of heels and run outside to soak up some some. it is so perfectly summery, and so easy to wear. definitely part of the “mom uniform” in terms of comfort and functionality. and the washed denim fabric is insanely soft. softer than i ever would have guessed just looking at the product photos.

oh, and for those of you who are afraid to wear white, there is no secret behind keeping it clean. i just think of my white clothes as a painters uniform or a utility coverall– i find a nice sturdy fabric and just wear it and let it get dirty and stained. to me, it adds character. much like a leather bag or a pair of worn-in sneakers– or a marble countertop.

but enough of my rambling and on to the good stuff: i’m hosting a giveaway with my friends at found company! you can enter here for a chance to win a $250 store credit towards anything in the shop! it’s a small, woman-run business stocking some of my favorite women’s wear and kids clothing brands, including vintage and men’s clothes, too!

enter to win $250 here.

calivintage + found company

calivintage + found company
calivintage + found company
calivintage + found company


  1. This is just lovely! May I ask what size jumpsuit you’re in? And if you don’t mind, can you comment a little on the fit. I’ve been eyeing this one on the HDH site for a while, but always hesitating due to price. I must say it looks great on you, so much better than the models! Thanks.

    1. ah, thank you! yes, i really appreciate seeing clothes on non-model bodies, too! i’m 5’5″ and i’m a size 6, so i’m kind of between a small and a medium. i got the medium, but i think the small would also have worked on me. it’s really forgiving, the only thing i was worried about was whether the bust would be too snug. that’s really the only part of the garment that is more “fitted.” i kind of wished i had taken some photos of it without the belt, so you can see what i mean.

      i mentioned this in the post, but it really is way nicer in person than it looks in photos! the fabric is super soft and it just looks and feels really good in person. i was also a little on the fence, but now i’m really glad that i got it!

  2. Thanks for all the fit info! It is so helpful. My main concern here is also with the fit in the bust. I’m between sizes small and medium as well thanks to a full bust, but at only 5’2″ sizing up often means having too much length and width everywhere else. Anyhow, I’m going to give this jumpsuit a try. It looks and sounds too good to pass up. :) Thanks again!

    1. i just grabbed a tape measure and the bust is about 38″ around. which means that the small is probably 36″… i’m a tad taller, but still have that same problem with a lot of my clothes because my torso is short. i end up having to get a lot of clothes altered by shortening the straps!

  3. Oh, thanks so much for the measurement. Very helpful and much appreciated! :) I’m hoping this is a design that will not need any alteration, it’s such a hassle, but more than likely I would at least need the length shortened a bit.

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