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calivintage - steller jay shop

The other day someone very kindly told me that I looked incredibly comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. It pretty much made my day because that’s exactly what I’m going for when I’m picking out new clothes to wear! I like fashion, but I live in the suburbs, so I’d feel a bit ridiculous stopping by the coffee shop or dropping off my kids at school looking like I’m walking down the street during NYFW or something. So I try really hard to find my middle ground. Clothes that look good and make me feel put together, but that are still 100% practical when my reality is that I work from home and spend about half of my day on the floor of the kid’s room getting covered in play-doh and mashed-up banana.

I shot these photos after spending the day at the spring carnival at Adam’s school on a ridiculously hot day. I volunteered in his class booth, a little ring toss game in a sweltering tent. I held Edie on my hip while watching Adam go up and down the bouncy slide. I ate lunch, and even climbed into bed with Adam to put him to sleep for his afternoon nap. And then I got up and snapped these pictures. It’s linen, so it wrinkles, but if it’s a good quality textile, then it’s the good kind of wrinkly. It keeps me cool on a hot day, but still gets me compliments from complete strangers, which is always such a delightful surprise.

And if you’re wondering, the pants are from Steller Jay in New York. I connected with shop owner Katherine on Instagram and we became fast friends over our love of vintage and lovely textiles. I highly recommend her shop because she carries a lot of my favorites!

Esby Apparel Poppy Top in Indigo
Sugar Candy Mountain Chiara Pants courtesy of Steller Jay
Greek sandals from Avenue Boutique Tucson
Steven Alan Bryce Sunglasses in Peach Crystal
Clare V. Kenya Bag in Black (sold out in black, but still available in Cream or the Petit version)

calivintage - steller jay shop
calivintage - steller jay shop
calivintage - steller jay shop
calivintage - steller jay shop
calivintage - steller jay shop


  1. I love your style generally but I particularly love all these cropped trousers you’ve been wearing! I’m so inspired now I think I’m going to try and sew some for myself this summer!

  2. I love these pants and yes, you are a comfortable fashionable lady like crazy!!!!! This outfit is really cool. I actually love how the pants go with the sandals too. Sleeveless tops are always so much fun to me…which is normally what I prefer.

    As i typed more. . .I can’t get to the post box. . so i am going to attempt to tab until I think I am at the right button. The comment box moves as I type and pulls it into your instagrams below….just something I noticed.

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