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sometimes i think i can hardly call this a fashion blog because my outfits aren’t exactly fashion. i follow the trends in the way that i see them while scrolling through my instagram feed. and those trends certainly creep their way into my outfits by way of what is available at my favorite shops and boutiques. but i don’t necessarily strive to be trendy because it’s awfully hard (and expensive) to keep up, and i literally don’t have the time or money to do so without completely exhausting myself and ending up with that terrible not-good-enough feeling. who needs it?

so over time, i’ve really given up on fast fashion and embraced the idea of conscious consumerism. but of course, it’s not exactly as simple as telling everyone to drop $400 a single pair of pants made by hand in california. i think what a lot of people in “the fashion industry” fail to recognize is that it is an incredible privilege to be able to do so! the average person does not have the time or means to “shop ethically” or “shop small” because as romantic as it sounds to slowly pull together your dream wardrobe using natural fibers woven through artisanal looms, most people need to wear more than a single pair of pants. it’s complicated!

which is why i really can’t stress the importance of vintage enough! most designers have mood boards filled with vintage photos to serve as inspiration for their latest collections. and most thrift stores and yard sales have these beautiful gems hidden among the racks and tucked away in closets just waiting to be unearthed. i spend a ton of time hunting for the goods, hoarding away some of my favorites, but also selling a few items each week on my calivintage shop feed. if i were to sell this set i’m wearing right now, i would probably ask $80, which is on the high end of what i charge. that amount couldn’t even buy you an ethically made top, but when you’re looking at vintage, it can buy you an entire outfit. and if you’re doing the thrifting yourself, it could practically buy you a whole wardrobe! this vintage set was made in the usa with a natural, textured cotton gauze. a beautiful textile! and it’s a matching set, so you can wear it together like this or do the whole mix-and-match thing. endless wardrobe combinations!

i suppose i’m preaching to the choir with this information, but it’s something that is on my mind very frequently as a fashion blogger of sorts. or at least someone who has been a fashion blogger and who isn’t quite a mommy blogger, but not exactly certain what it even means to call myself a lifestyle blogger? whatever. here’s some photos of me wearing clothes.

vintage matching set in cotton gauze
only child cardiff work coat in denim (it also comes in white!)
mari giudicelli leblon mules
karen walker x benah bag
steven alan bryce sunglasses in crystal peach



  1. This is my ideal outfit. I’ve been thrifting way more lately since I can’t afford to shop new very often. I hope I come across a set this awesome one day! Thanks for the inspiration:)

  2. The very fact that you don’t run after trends and rather have created your own personal style makes you even more of a fashion role model (in my opinion). Both your fashion sense and your social consciousness are inspiring, especially in a blogging world that has become increasingly materialistic and fake. Thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you so much! and thank you for sticking around! it’s a tricky world to navigate with all of the changes that have happened in blogging over the years! it’s interesting… because i’m just looking at the screen when i’m writing these blog posts, it is sometimes hard for me to understand who is on the other side reading my words. i wonder if my words resonate, if anyone even cares. so your comment means a lot!! :)

  3. I’ve been following you since i was in high school and though i used to visit a list of bloggers a mile long Calivintage is one of the few that i still connect with and feel like I’ve grown up alongside of- I share a lot of the same values when it comes to ethical shopping and it’s a real treat to see someone in the blogging world not sell out for trends! Thank you for keeping it real :)

    1. ahh this is so wonderful to hear! blogs have changed so much since i started and sometimes i feel like i can’t quite keep up in terms of what others are providing, so this is really great to hear. i intend to keep moving forward despite all the change, so it’s good for me to hear that you appreciate the content i create!! would love to hear if there is any specific content you’d like to see more of?

      1. Of course! I guess I’m interested in seeing more of your home and approach to decorating- a direction I see you moving in anyway but home design and decor has been something that I’ve grown to love- even more than fashion! I’d love recommendations on any cool places to check out as far as outfitting a space, too.

        1. thanks! yes, that’s definitely the direction i’ve been moving in. and i’m right there with you. i love fashion, but i don’t keep up with it the way i used to. i still have a lot of fun with clothes, but home design and decor is where my head usually is! actually, i should really share more roundups of all the inspiration i find online because i am allllways looking! :)

  4. Cute shots!
    I actually only own one pair of pants. . .but I am not into fast fashion these days either. it is hard though to go from having a new dress per week to having only 3 dresses only. It is fun though. I think it is good to do things the way you (and I) do now.

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