outfit: eli & barry

i know i’ve said this before, so i hope i don’t sound like a broken record, but one of the great pleasures i get from writing this blog is all of the amazing people i’ve had the opportunity to connect with. i have to admit, in the back of my mind, i’ve always secretly wanted to be a designer myself, but it’s never really been in the cards. so being able to meet so many amazing designers doing incredible things really is the next best thing! and i am always so inspired by the talented, creative, and hard working women who dedicate themselves to creating ethical, sustainable fashion. one such designer is lily of eli & barry. she started the brand in 2016 and it is a one-woman show. she designs, pattern drafts, and produces all of the clothes in her hometown of denver, colorado. and it is that slow approach to fashion that guides her entire process. creating wearable clothes that will last a lifetime and earn a top spot in any wardrobe with their versatility and craftsmanship.

we connected on instagram and one day, she asked if i’d be interested in picking something out. i had been eyeing this top, so it was a no brainer. i love the sturdy cotton canvas because i know that it will age beautifully, getting softer and taking on character as i wear it. it’s brand new in these photos, but like the jeans, i know it will start to crease and take shape against my body. i just love the marks of something well-worn, and i look forward to breaking it in!

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wearing: pullover 2 in cotton canvas courtesy of eli & barry, jesse kamm sailor pants in american denim, centinelle julie’s bumble bees cotton silk bandana, sylvain le hen barrett 21 xs, martiniano high glove in saffron suede, clare v. petit henri (it’s sold out, but here is the full-sized version), garrett leight wilson sunglasses 

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