the sleep shirt (for a good cause)

it’s funny, i spend a lot of time on my personal style, but you wouldn’t know it if you ever caught me off guard at home! i recently realized that i was pretty much just slipping into the same pair of old, worn out sweats every evening after dinner. they’re soft and comfy, and i don’t have to worry about the kids getting them dirty. but when a girl scout troupe knocks on your door at 6pm and you open the door holding a beer in a ripped t-shirt, you start thinking it might be time for an upgrade.

so i’ve been doing some shopping around, looking for ethical brands that make practical garments to wear at home. a friend of mine introduced me to canadian-based brand the sleep shirt a while back and i had been admiring their sleepwear from afar when they got in touch and asked if i’d be interested in spreading the word about their latest campaign.

in honor of international women’s day, they will be donating 20% of the proceeds of all short and long sleep shirts in blue oxford stripe to the howe sound women’s centre society, an organization dedicated to the prevention of violence against women and support for women, children and youth impacted by violence or abuse.

the campaign runs from today, march 8 through march 31. so if you’re in the market for sleepwear, now is a great time to use your purchasing power to support an incredible women-owned small business that is not only donating profits to great causes, but ethically producing their garments in canada using quality materials.

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  1. Thanks for this post! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who wears the same “scrubs” at home and only looks put together when I venture outside! Haha. Love their black linen sleep shirt! Time to save up for one!

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