outfit: suburban summer

i may have forgotten to mention this… but a couple of weeks ago, we quietly packed up all of our belongings and temporarily moved out of our house for the summer. we’re in the middle of a big house project that has forced us to leave while work is being done, so we’re staying with my mom out in the desert for the next several weeks. it’s a pretty big change for all of us, and it’s definitely taken some adjustment. but it actually turns out to be kinda like a mini vacation. if for nothing more than just the change of scenery. that and the fact that my mom is around, spoiling us with home cooked meals, and even letting me sneak in some much needed naps.

she lives on a nice big property with a vegetable garden and a swimming pool! so we’ve been enjoying that quiet, suburban life. and wouldn’t you know? it seems to be affecting my style, too. someone mentioned that this outfit was a bit of a “calivintage throwback,” and i have to agree. it definitely feels like i’m stepping into a new chapter in life these days, too. my kids are kids now! the baby phase is over, we’re all getting more sleep, and dresses don’t seem quite as ridiculously impractical anymore!

vintage crop top courtesy of rawson
rachel antonoff barbie dress (i got mine from myrtleit’s currently sold out, but you can pre-order it in ivory denim!)
everlane modern buckle sandals in dark green suede
clare v. petit alistair in veg tan

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