woven play

if you’ve been following along with me for the last couple of years, then you know i have a pretty short list of favorites when it comes to shopping for my kids. and one of those favorites is noble carriage. this mama-owned shop is based out of san diego and focuses on organic goods for babies and kids. we’ve partnered together a number of times over the years and this time, we got the opportunity to photograph their latest exclusive with woven play, this adorable organic jada sunsuit in lavender (which also comes in a number of other colors and styles)! so we packed up the kids and headed out to one of our favorite parks in town to play around in the riverbed as the sun set over the hills.

it was a lot of fun for me because i really enjoy photography and photo editing, but i don’t always get to do a ton of the former myself anymore. always a good reminder that i can still do it when the occasion arrises, even if it’s just shooting photos of my kids playing. heck, i might even get one of these photos framed for the house!

noble carriage exclusive woven play organic jada sunsuit in lavender
tortoise and the hare white hair clip pair
scandic gypsy little gypsy mules in summer tan
noble organic utility suit in indigo (on adam)

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