guest post: what i wore


remember a while back when i kicked-off a series of guest posts? well, i know it’s been a while since the last one (see: rebecca), but i still have a ton of really awesome guest bloggers lined up. and today i am excited to welcome jessica of what i wore! she has been a great inspiration to me over the years, and i am honored to have her here today! if you aren’t already familiar with her, then you might not know that she recently released a book titled¬†what i wore: four seasons, one closet, endless recipes for style. so in celebration of her new book, i thought it would be fun if she cooked up a little outfit recipe for me!

“I’m so excited to guest post for Erin today on Cali Vintage. Erin and I first met two years ago at the Weardrobe Conference in NYC and have been good friends ever since. I love Erin’s sense of style, so I opted to illustrate some pieces I can absolutely see in her closet.

1. Tortoise Spectacles – I love how Erin is always a step ahead of the curve in her choice in eyewear. These frames have such a vintage sensibility to them and I actually think you may have already seen similar glasses in Erin’s outfit posts!

2. Short Red Dress – The dressed screamed ERIN to me for a handful of reasons 1) she loves little details (the white piping on the collar and sleeves is adorable) 2) anything remotely nautical makes me think of Cali Vintage 3) The girl’s got gams!

3. Geo Necklace – I’m not sure what about this necklace caught my eye, but it’s definitely very now, which is why I think Erin would dig it!

4. Retro Two Piece Swim Suit – One of my favorite aspects of Erin’s style is that she can look very vintage, yet oh-so-now at the same time. The high rise bottoms in this set have that pin up quality (which looks great on Erin), but the top is a little more modern.

5. Chunky Bootie – Erin wears the highest heels and is always onto the next thing in footwear. After experiencing some of San Francisco’s hills last week, I have a feeling this rough traction would come in handy for her as well!

6. Red Lipstick – I wish more women would rock red lipstick as fearlessly as Erin!”

check out more of jessica’s awesome illustrations, daily outfits, and inspiration at what i wore!

calivintage + ismay ozga

ismay ozga

today i am so thrilled to share this incredible illustration by ismay ozga. i actually discovered her work after she recently collaborated with the vamoose on a series of illustrations of their beautiful collection. through the magic of the internet, we started chatting and she asked if she could draw my picture. i calmly replied, “oh yes!” and “thank you!” but in my head i was jumping up and down like a little kid. and after seeing the finished work, you can see why i was so excited!

if you like what you see, there is plenty more! as one might expect after seeing such beautiful art, she had an equally lovely blog (two two oh four) with tons of inspirational images, and she even has a shop filled with original drawings and prints!

thank you so much, ismay!

red, yellow, and bleu!

calivintage: red, yellow, and bleu

last week i was fortunate enough to meet the lovely miss james of bleubird vintage during her visit to san francisco! if you are not familiar with her blog, then go check it out right this instant! she shares the most adorable family outfit photos on her blog, and yes, they are just as perfect in real life! it was a pleasure to get to spend some time with her during her whirlwind trip, grabbing dinner and drinks, going to a fun clothing swap, talking shop, and even stopping for a little photo shoot in my neighborhood! and such a great coincidence that we happened to be wearing perfectly coordinating outfits in these warm shades of yellow, orange, and red. though you’ll have to excuse my dorky faces; it’s just hard to compete with such a lovely lady!

thank you to aubrey for snapping these photos and to gemma birdie for being such a happy baby!

dress: boutique by jaeger
shoes: vintage candies from pretty penny vintage
lipstick: ysl rouge pur couture in le orange
and if you want to know james’ outfit details, you have to visit her blog: bleubird vintage!

calivintage: red, yellow, and bleu

calivintage: red, yellow, and bleu

calivintage: red, yellow, and bleu

calivintage: red, yellow, and bleu

guest post: the clothes horse


today i am so excited to have my first ever guest blogger here at calivintage! there are so many incredible bloggers out there that i admire so much, that i thought it would be nice to share some of my favorites in a new ongoing series! to kick things off, i invited one of my best blogger buddies, rebecca of the clothes horse, to share a look with us!

“when erin asked me to write a guest post for her, i immediately thought i should try to pull out a somewhat “calivintage” style outfit. i don’t know if i quite achieved that goal, but i did diverge from my own love of easy dresses in favor of separates. i’ve had these shorts for nearly a year and i live in virginia now where it’s quite warm, but this is the first time i’ve worn them! sometimes it’s really hard to get yourself out of your comfort zone sartorially. however, i do try to attempt it from time to time. i rather like the classic feel of this look and the bright pop of color on an overcast day.

i took these pictures at a little spot overlooking the beach. it’s quite near my home and i like wandering over there in the evening to watch the waves roll in and feel the ocean breeze against my skin. virginia has been absolutely lovely this late spring. it was a long cold winter that never seemed to end (compounded for me personally by a very old, very drafty house that would not stay warm!), so i’m quite excited to now enjoy warm temperatures and sunshine. i might just get some color in my skin this year afterall…”

coat: gryphon nyc
top: family affairs
bottoms: alice by temperley london
shoes: salvatore ferragamo flats
bag: juicy couture


check out more of rebecca’s awesome style, cute videos, and artistic inspiration by visiting her blog,¬†the clothes horse. and show her some love in the comment section, too!